MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today delivered his weekly radio address celebrating 2023 economic impact data showing Wisconsin’s tourism industry generated $25 billion in total economic impact, surpassing the previous record year of $23.7 billion set in 2022. More information on Wisconsin’s record-breaking year can be found here.

Hey there, folks. Governor Tony Evers here. 

As Wisconsinites, we know that our state has a lot to offer. From waterslides to water sports, hiking trails to ATV trails, and world-champion sports teams to world-champion cheese. 

So, it’s no wonder for a second year in a row, the state of Wisconsin has seen yet another record-breaking year for Wisconsin tourism!   

2023 was a historic year for Wisconsin tourism, with the industry raking in a whopping $25 billion—that’s billion with a B—in total economic impact.   

That blows last year’s record-breaking $23.7 billion out of the water. 

We also saw record-high overnight visits, with nearly 46 million overnight visits. 

That’s important, because overnight visitors spend nearly three times as much as a day visitor at our local businesses. 

But these numbers don’t happen by chance. They happen because of the hardworking folks in the industry who work day in and day out to make sure visitors don’t just enjoy their time here, but that they come back year after year. 

We’ve been proud to help support that work by making smart, strategic investments over the last several years to support Wisconsin’s tourism industry.  

This includes our investments to support building projects across the state, new dollars to support marketing campaigns to compete with our neighbors, and efforts to raise Wisconsin’s profile as a premier business, cultural, and recreational destination.   

Tourism is a powerhouse of economic development and prosperity in our state.  

It supports local economies, helps small business owners feed their families and put their kids through school, and generates $1.6 billion in state and local tax revenue.   

That’s a big deal, folks.

So, we’re going to keep supporting this industry that creates memories that will last a lifetime and keeps families coming back year after year to support our local businesses, families, and communities.

Thank you. 

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