RACINE – The paid out-of-state activists who want to dismantle the Republican majority in the Wisconsin Assembly have failed to recall Assembly Speaker Robin Vos–for the second time this year.

Paid organizers of the irresponsible Robin Vos recall have once again fallen woefully short on collecting the required number of signatures. An analysis of the signatures the recall organizers submitted, the Wisconsinites for Liberty Fund discovered the following:

  • Roughly 2,000 signatures were from individuals who are not 63rd District residents.
  • Hundreds of individuals signed their name more than once. In some instances, individuals submitted their signature 5 separate times. [For example, Kaitlyn Anders signed 5 times on pages 254, 584, 735, 845, and 1,428].
  • Hundreds of signatures were collected after the 60 Day deadline, on Day 61 and Day 62.
  • Signatures were collected by individuals with felony records.

This is the second time in just three months that individuals that organizers of the recall effort have failed to collect the required amount of signatures.

The most recent failed effort was led by out-of-state, paid activists. Organizers offered these individuals $2,000 a week for their services. Nearly 70% of all signatures were collected by individuals who reside outside of Wisconsin, and less than 10% of signatures were collected by residents of the 63rd District.

We expect the Wisconsin Elections Commission to reject the recall petitions. For more information, visit www.didyourecall.com.

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