MADISON, Wis. — New reporting from Politico uncovered that California bank owner Eric Hovde is continuing to star in western-style TV ads for his bank. The ads are airing in Arizona, and in one Hovde is “wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse outside an Old-West-style saloon.” 

Yet again Wisconsinites are seeing California bank owner Eric Hovde for who he is – an ultra wealthy bank owner who is more focused on vanity commercials and increasing profits for himself than working for Wisconsin families.

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Politico: Cowboy Hovde
By: Ursula Perano

  • Arizona residents may have seen a peculiar face on their airwaves recently: Eric Hovde, a GOP Senate candidate running for office in … Wisconsin.
  • The Senate hopeful remains CEO and chair of Sunwest Bank. And despite carpetbagger allegations, Sunwest ads starring Hovde are continuing to air out west in Arizona as recently as this month, per analytics reviewed by Inside Congress. In one, Hovde is wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse outside an Old-West-style saloon as patrons raise a ruckus over their bank services (words can’t really do this justice, so please watch for yourself).
  • Off to the side, two big bankers — one of whom strongly resembles the Monopoly Man — are guffawing. Hovde and a child sidekick eventually lasso the “big bankers.” Hovde quips: “Your big bank got you tied up? Come to Sunwest. We’re the best.”
  • In another ad, Hovde is propped up against a desk wearing a cowboy hat and says, “I”ve had a lot of fun making these silly commercials.” He then goes on to promote the bank’s lending and encourages customers to “come to Sunwest.”
  • While it’s not unusual for non-incumbent political candidates to continue working while running for office, it’s a tricky line for Hovde. He’s already faced massive backlash from Democrats who argue he primarily lived in California prior to running for office. Ads starring Hovde continuing to run in another state — out west, no less — contributes more fodder to Democrats’ case.
  • Sunwest has locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho and Utah, per its website.
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