MADISON, Wis. — Earlier today, Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski, Eighth District Congressional Candidate Dr. Kristin Lyerly, and WisDems Chair Ben Wikler held a virtual press call to discuss the devastating effects of overturning Roe v. Wade on the two-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision. 

Two years ago, women in Wisconsin and across the country were stripped of their rights to reproductive freedom. And Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans want to go even further. If Trump gets a second term in the White House, MAGA Republicans will be fully empowered to pursue a national abortion ban. Secretary Godlewski, Dr. Lyerly, and Chair Wikler emphasized the urgent need to safeguard women’s autonomy and health care choices, ensuring every individual’s right to make personal decisions without government interference.

Watch the event here and see what speakers had to say, in part, below:

Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski: “Here in Wisconsin, women are risking their lives because they don’t have access to reproductive care. Doctors are sharing with me how they are fearful of providing reproductive care because they worry, despite the Dane County ruling, that these politically charged district attorneys might come after them. We’ve also seen the impact here in Wisconsin — of the 72 counties, 27 don’t have access to any OBGYN. And then when you talk to medical students here in Wisconsin, they share how they are worried about either getting the training they need to be the best doctor possible because they don’t necessarily have access to the abortion training that they need, or they’re worried about staying in Wisconsin to provide this critical care because they’re worried that politicians are making health care decisions instead of doctors.”

Eighth Congressional District Candidate Dr. Kristin Lyerly: “The fear of prosecution, that chilling effect is still preventing many hospitals and doctors across the state from offering abortion care, and that means that women, especially women in rural communities like Chetek, do not have access to the care that they need and deserve. But sadly, rural folks are used to living without adequate healthcare resources. Over the past 20 years, Wisconsin has lost over half our rural maternity units and families are being forced to drive further to receive routine care. And this doesn’t just affect my patients, it affects everyone.”

WisDems Chair Ben Wikler: “Two years ago today, a group of far-right Supreme Court justices appointed by Donald Trump cast the deciding vote to strip away the freedom to access a safe and legal abortion from half of America. Those justices did exactly what Donald Trump had appointed them to do, and Trump has been bragging about terminating Roe v. Wade throughout these last two years, as abortion bans have snapped into place in state after state across this country.” 

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