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John Nichols: Shouldn’t a real conservative run against crony-capitalist Walker?

Walker has certainly set himself up for a Republican primary challenge. The Foxconn deal has been criticized by conservative business analysts and even by right-wing groups that usually cover for the governor.

Chris Rickert: Walker challengers will have lots of ideas; one will matter most

For voters looking for an actual democrat among the Democrats, though, there is no more important plan than one to take the once-a-decade redistricting process out of the direct control of politicians.

Leah Vukmir: Washington, take Wisconsin’s lead on pro-life issues

As soon as Republicans took control of the Legislature and governorship in Wisconsin, we hit the ground running to advance pro-life causes and protect the most vulnerable among us.

Dave Zweifel: GOP has changed its tune on free speech

In contrast to today's legislative crusades to protect right-wingers when they speak on campus, the conservatives of the '50s and '60s were busy trying to keep left-wingers from speaking at all.

Jim Crist: Rep. Scott Allen sides with crony capitalists

Nineteen states have called for a Constitutional amendment that would overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision. Rep. Scott Allen won't even allow a public hearing on a resolution that would let Wisconsinites vote on this core issue of our time. 

Andrea Jones: State cuts 15% of sign language interpreters

System needs reform. Proposed law is badly needed.

Tom Still: When natural disaster strikes: Poor policies, incentives compound the damage

Natural disasters will happen, with or without climate change. The trick is understanding how to mitigate the effects of those disasters before and after they happen.

Christian Schneider: School spending isn’t a guarantee of quality

Walker boasting about increased education spending rings a discordant note for right-wingers who would rather see a more efficient government than one that is simply bigger.

Bruce Murphy: Abele battles Milwaukee County Board on budget. Again.

They’ll do anything to keep arguing, even switching ideological positions.

Dave Zweifel: Walker gives lip service to ‘hardworking’ Wisconsinites

Scott Walker says he appreciates your hard work, even when his actions show he really doesn't.
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