Dave Zweifel: Scott Walker and Paul Ryan still buy in to ‘voodoo’ economics

Two of "trickle-down" proponent Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's biggest fans are House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker.

Christian Schneider: Clarke stealing Trump’s playbook

Donald Trump has now given conservatives permission to engage in a new type of verbal pugilism formerly relegated to fringe candidates in local school board races.

David Blaska: Gorsuch schools America on the judiciary

Confirmation hearing should be required viewing on college campuses for the education it offers on the separation of powers.

Steven Walters: Barrett sells Milwaukee to GOP

City has reinvented itself, deserves greater investment from state, he argues.

Bruce Murphy: The remarkable clout of We Energies

Year after year the company jacks up prices with bipartisan approval. Why?

Martin Preizler et al: Former Private sector insurance CEOs agree self-funding bad for Wisconsin

As taxpayers, however, we urge the members of the Joint Finance Committee to take a very critical look at the long-term impacts of the disruptive change being considered.

Jerry Bader: ‘Vets hardest hit’ prevailing wage myth goes multi-state

After failing to stop a partial repeal of Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law last session, union backed forces have now embraced the “veterans hardest hit” meme to stop a total repeal from happening this session.

Jonathan Krause: Brought to you by the letter Q and the number 0

While they like to call themselves "progressives", liberals sure are unwilling to let go of archaic public institutions.

Karen Hobert Flynn: Wisconsin legislators put constitutional rights at risk

Senate Joint Resolution 18 would add Wisconsin to an alarming and growing number of states calling for a constitutional convention to impose a federal balanced budget amendment.

Jesse Kremer: Maintaining relevancy for all vets; The American Legion legacy

At a time when the American Legion has a dwindling membership, potentially compromising non-partisan integrity through a muddled relationship with a third party politically leftist lobby is not only disturbing on many levels, but begs the question, how can they maintain relevancy?
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