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John Nichols: Donald Trump’s mouthpiece: Wisconsin ‘basically a communist country’

Donald Trump’s new communications director, Goldman Sachs alumnus Anthony Scaramucci, doesn’t just claim that Madison is a communist stronghold. Scaramucci says there’s a Marxist strain that runs through all of Wisconsin.

Owen Robinson: Protecting the right to Pokémon Go

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge J.P. Stadtmueller issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting Milwaukee County from enforcing its ordinance requiring permits for virtual and location-based augmented reality games in county parks saying that it likely violates the First Amendment.

James Rowen: WI dismisses climate science as roads, farms and lives suffer

Many Western Wisconsin roads and other infrastructure washed out in 2016 floods are still not rebuilt; one NW local official says he has seen a dozen 100-year-storms in the last 30 years, while a state official says road-building standards have not caught up with "evidence ... pointing towards increasing frequency of large" storm events.

Tyler Brandt, M.D. Kittle, & Matt Tragesser: MacIver Institute analysis finds almost $2 billion...

The MacIver Institute has dug into the numbers, taken a deeper dive into DOT projects that are at the very least questionable, if not an outright waste of taxpayer money, and administrative failures that have added substantial and unnecessary costs.

Jon Peacock: Obamacare ‘fixes’ will shortchange Wisconsin

Latest GOP approach is bad news for this state and others.

Kathleen Vinehout: Health care: Steps toward the future

Access to affordable, high quality health care is a duty of our society to everyone. Health care for all is a moral responsibility of our people to each other.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Giving our nurses a helping hand

While nursing it is currently one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation, the demand for nurses is outpacing the supply and the nation is facing a severe shortage here in Wisconsin, and nationwide.

James Rowen: Ex GOP state rep. says WI roads are okey-dokey

Mac Davis went all-in against roundabouts, as if that were the cause or the heart or the substance of Wisconsin's transportation over-built, unfunded, special-interest infested major highway expansion problem.

Leon Young: News flash: Climate change is real

Call it what you will: “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.” The issue is real and portends to only get worse, as evident by this most recent climatic shift.

Steven Walters: We hate DOT, but here’s $721 million

If legislators believe DOT has wasted tax dollars and been mismanaged for years, why did Senate Republicans last week want to borrow $712 million more for that agency to spend on highways over the next two years?
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