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Paul Higginbotham: Trump’s legal challenges of election results are nothing but a frivolous waste...

Trump and his supporters must think that delaying the results of this election are akin to a game, where the rules are to be manipulated, falsely manufactured, or ignored.

John Torinus: Vote defect level low by most process standards

Coming from the world of manufacturing where “zero defects” or “Six Sigma” is always the ultimate objective, the recent election results in Wisconsin can only be viewed as remarkably reliable.

M.D. Kittle: Will Evers cost Wisconsin millions?

As the clock winds down on 2020, Republican lawmakers are growing increasingly concerned the Evers administration will cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in lost federal funding.

Will Flanders: No relationship between spending and academic outcomes in Wisconsin schools

The data shows us that contrary to popular belief, there is little correlation between spending and student outcomes.

Roger Lovelace: Passage of Collaboration and Rural Expansion of Services Act crucial to address...

This past February, the state Assembly passed the CARES Act – a bill that will cut unnecessary red tape for PAs, allowing us to expand access to care. The state Senate was poised to pass the bill, too, but the public health crisis cut the legislative session short.

Bruce Murphy: Drivers going crazy during pandemic?

Report finds higher fatalities in state despite fewer accidents during pandemic; crashes often involve alcohol, speeding.

Dominic Inouye: Art as war: Bringing attention to the class struggle through creative activism

Throughout the months of the pandemic, Republican and Democratic rhetoric, Biden’s win and Trump’s preposterous recounts, protesters in Milwaukee have been marching and fighting for over 180 days with demands for equity, justice and human rights: for Black and Brown people and against police murder and corruption.

Tom Sinclair and Mark Reynolds: Climate change is a winning issue we can solve...

Joe Biden understands that people of any party can and do care about climate change, and some Republicans are expressing similar opinions.

Bill Lueders: State must do more to promote openness

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Last January, a person involved in...

Bill Hogseth: Why Democrats keep losing rural counties like mine

I’m the chair of the local Democratic Party in a Wisconsin county that Donald Trump won. It wasn’t for a lack of progressive organizing. It was because national Democrats have failed communities like mine.

Dale Kooyenga: RightBooks: ‘Monuments Men’

The imperative to protect cultural icons exists today as much as ever, and it has come closer to home.

Janis Lazda: A heartless heartland: How did Wisconsin lose its way?

A place I have so long associated with education and progress, seems defiant in its intent to ignore science, global lessons, and commonsense practices around COVID-19.

M.D. Kittle: Health order fines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week came with a side of public health fines for Dane County businesses, as Public Health Madison & Dane County clamps down on public gatherings in the COVID-19 era.

John Nichols: Trump wants to take the Internet down with him

Defenders of honest discourse and the democracy that extends from it should be especially alert to the threat posed by Trump's pressuring of his FCC minions might crash the internet in response to a presidential fit of pique.

Ryan Owens: Badgercast with Shannon Jankowski and Diego Zambrano

In this episode, the Thompson Center was joined by Shannon Jankowski and Diego Zambrano to discuss the current reach of Anti-SLAPP statutes and the potential for further implementation.
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