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WisOpinion Poll: Lowering Wisconsin’s drinking age to 19

Do you support lowering Wisconsin's drinking age to 19 if the state would not lose federal highway funds?

Dave Zweifel: Predators take aim at the little people

Richard Cordray had just announced he is stepping down as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when the special interests that prey on American consumers came running.

Julie Grace: Schools hire pricey grant specialists

Paperwork takes staff away from daily responsibilities and educating kids, officials say.

Bill Kaplan: Regular folks shafted by Trump, GOP-led Congress

Trump and the GOP-led Congress have done nothing for regular folks.

Jean Card: Get on the side of small businesses

Sen. Ron Johnson is right to challenge the GOP's tax reform plan.

Eli Gottfried: Wisconsin kids are hurt by state’s mental health system

We have come a long way in integrating people with disabilities into society. But individuals with mental health and conduct disorders are an exception. We need to provide, support, and encourage mental health facilities in our communities. And we need to provide treatment for these individuals, not just seclusion from the general public.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the UW System merger plan

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, debate the merger of the UW colleges with nearby four-year institutions. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.

Aviv Ezra and Scott Walker: Wisconsin, Israel work together to bolster water technology hubs

Bringing together the best minds in the Middle East with the best minds in the Midwest is a win-win for us all.

Paul Fanlund: Years before Donald Trump, Scott Walker was already dividing us

Before Walker, Wisconsin politics were spirited yet civil, but have been replaced today by scorched-earth, single-party governance so toxic that Walker refuses to appear in public before any skeptical audience. Sycophants only, please.

Dave Zweifel: Slippery Scott is at it again

While the record shows just how cynical his worry about Democrats' outside money is, the truth is that Gov. Scott Walker doesn't just wallow in money lavished on him by outside contributors. He's owned by them.
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