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Tom Hefty: Are high taxes driving away workers from Wisconsin?

Claiming to have a workforce strategy without a real strategy to attract and retain people makes little sense.

Steven Walters: Democrats still need a clear message

Yes, GOP gerrymandering matters. But they also have stronger candidates and message.

Leon Young: The GOP’s obsession with winning

Advancing one’s partisan agenda should never be the sole order of the day. It’s a sad and dangerous commentary that the GOP will go to any lengths to win – even if it means undermining the very tenets of our Democracy.

Dave Cieslewicz: Advice for Dems: R-E-L-A-X

Dems are growing restless over the lack of a promising candidate to take on Gov. Scott Walker.

Chris Rochester: Shankland’s health insurance rhetoric is just plain wrong

Lately, Democrats have been all too willing to use overheated rhetoric and outright lies to turn their health care policy differences with Republicans into a clash of "good people" versus "evil people who literally want you to die."

Laura Dresser and Elizabeth Lower-Basch: BadgerCare changes will hurt workers

Most Medicaid recipients work, could lose health care under Walker proposal.

Christian Schneider: Foxconn’s proposed relocation shows our ability to adapt

There's no doubt that bringing thousands of new jobs to Wisconsin would be a boon to the state. But the potential Foxconn relocation also perfectly demonstrates that when we talk about jobs and the economy, we focus on the "seen" and neglect the "unseen."

Bruce Murphy: The Bradley Foundation’s new Pope

New chairman James Arthur Pope could turn foundation even further right

Chris Rickert: State high court again paddling with 1 oar in the water

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was right in more ways than he knew when he said the court is “the outlier, and to pretend otherwise is simply in defiance of the facts.”

Margaret Krome: Paul Ryan should tell the truth about the ‘death tax’

The Federal Reserve Board estimates that 55 percent of the assets in the average taxed estate haven’t ever previously been taxed because even though their value may have increased, they weren’t sold (and thus taxed) previous to death.
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