Bill Kaplan: GOP health care debacle

President Trump was no dealmaker and Rep. Paul Ryan was speaker in name only. A debacle for the GOP.

Charlie Sykes: 7 things we learned from the health care debacle

Minutes after the most dramatic political defeat of his presidency, Donald Trump made two things clear: (1) he was actually relieved (rather than angry) that the repeal/replace bill was dead and, (2) was basically giving up on the issue that conservatives had hammered on for the last seven years.

John Torinus: What happened to Trump’s Art of the Deal?

President Trump may know a thing or two about hotel deals, but he totally flubbed the art of the deal with Republicans in Congress as they tried to replace Obamacare. So did his quarterback in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan.

Dominique Paul Noth: Ryan’s failure should turn Trump to House’s enduring power center

The debacle of the GOP health care bill reveals a hard truth for Donald Trump. There is a strongman in D.C. he will have to work with if he wants to get anything positive done. Her name is Nancy Pelosi.
Paul Ryan

James Rowen: Paul Ryan and his failed wonkology

"Wonkology" is my term for ideology + buzzwords, and there's no bigger believer in it and its toxic detachment from everyday human reality than Wisconsin GOP Congressman and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

David Blaska: Epic fail: Obamacare repeal DOA. Good!

The promise that elected ever-more Republicans in four straight elections after Obamacare’s passage eight years ago turned out to be a chimera. Lucy pulling the football.
Paul Ryan

Matthew Sheffield: Downfall of a policy wonk

Paul Ryan becomes the latest victim of the American right’s fundamental dysfunction, The inability to face reality is not a bug in conservative politics — as Paul Ryan just found out; it's a feature

Rick Chandler: Expanded Earned Income Tax Credit will encourage work

People who haven't been working notice that when they take a job, they start paying taxes and they also lose public benefits they've been receiving. The combination of new taxes and lower benefits can make it economically unattractive to take a job. The solution to this problem is the EITC, which offsets some of the taxes imposed and benefits lost when people start working.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin needs to say the public trust should not be for sale

Regardless of how one aligns politically there is agreement that some changes to the process of how government operates would be a benefit to all. One such idea is being advanced in Wisconsin to prohibit legislators from becoming lobbyists for at least a year after they leave office.

Dave Zweifel: Real butter regains its rightful status

After all these years the pro-butter folks appear to have won their battle against those dastardly oleo people.
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