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WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate Walker, Evers’ transportation funding approaches

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, take on the condition of Wisconsin's highways and the solutions proposed by candidates for governor. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Paul Fanlund: Why the story of Serena Williams at the U.S. Open was about...

I’ve never experienced the racial animosity or misogyny that Williams has. That’s why I’ve tried to listen to the reactions of those who viewed the entire episode through a different lens.

WisOpinion Poll: Do you support Foxconn-like incentives for Kimberly-Clark?

Kimberly-Clark officials have asked for a vote by month's end on a Foxconn-like incentive package aimed at keeping one of the company's two Fox Valley plants open.

Bill Kraus: Bring the people back in

In his recent book "The Fall of Wisconsin," Dan Kaufman does a thorough job of itemizing all the wonderful things the people of the state and the people they elected did for Wisconsin and the country. The fall that Wisconsin took from its historical highs was large enough to be worth a book.

Bruce Murphy: The best governor money can buy

Just about every Walker policy was bought by special interests.

James Wigderson: Unsubstantiated accusations

Until Ford and Kavanaugh both testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrats should back off on making a judgement.

Wyman Winston: WHEDA helps millennials buy homes

In last fiscal year, 73.5% of state agency’s single family home loans went to Millennials.

Rebecca Blank: Shining a light on university-industry collaboration

While much attention has been showered on the recent collaboration we announced with Foxconn, an initiative that didn’t receive quite as much coverage was the launch of the Forward BIO collaboration, a collaborative effort to make Wisconsin a recognized center of excellence for biomanufacturing.

Owen Robinson: More money has not, and will not, improve education for our children

The reason that politicians conflate more government spending with improving educational outcomes is as lazy as it is stupid. It is an easy way for them to demonstrate that they are “doing something.”

Dave Zweifel: Chalk up another whopper from the Trump administration

It seems that nothing this administration does is enough to simply stand on its own. It has to be embellished with a tall story at the minimum or with an outright lie at the worst.

John Torinus: Where will Walker, Evers take economy?

State in slow growth mode. Two candidates have very different approaches to this.

Joel McNally: Ryan’s ugly farewell

As Republican candidates grow increasingly desperate about their chances of survival in November, the Congressional Leadership Fund, the super-PAC for which Ryan has raised $100 million, is broadcasting some of the most dishonest, hate-filled, racist attack ads in their party's shameful history of inflammatory attack ads going back to the infamous Willie Horton ad of 1988.

Bruce Thompson: The impact of Republican tax cuts

It relies on supply side economics. So how well is that working?

James Wigderson & Steve Scaffidi: The Kavanaugh nomination and Tony Evers’ spending

Wigderson and Scaffidi discuss the Kavanaugh nomination and Evers' proposed education budget.

Dave Zweifel: Could we please tone down the faux patriotism in sports?

Perhaps it's time for the sports world to tone down all the militarism and our seeming need to deify everything about war.
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