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Peter Annin: Book excerpt: ‘Great Lakes Water Wars’

With Gov. Tony Evers suggesting a new Foxconn contract and Earth Day approaching, here is an excerpt from Peter Annin's "Great Lakes Water Wars" detailing a controversial diversion to help the Tawainese company.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Soglin’s legacy as Madison mayor

With Paul Soglin leaving office this week, WisOpinion Insiders Jensen & Chvala reflect on the legacy of the capital city's longtime mayor. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Paul Fanlund: In Trump’s America, the left didn’t start the fire

Some analysts are saying both sides of the political aisle are responsible for an increase in political hate, but if it's rage we're talking about, that's coming from Trump supporters.

David Blaska: The party’s over for the Trump-crazed left

The Mueller report is definitive as in “case closed” — there was no collusion with Russia.

Will Flanders: New UW study uses questionable assumptions to justify Medicaid expansion

Liberal proponents of expansion are attempting to muddy the waters and undermine the common sense notion that there is no free lunch, even in healthcare.

Alan Talaga: Take the money!

It’s time for Wisconsin to accept federal dollars to expand Medicaid eligibility.

James Rowen: Four questions of cost and liability hang over Foxconn project

There are bigger questions raised by the Foxconn project than what devices the company may build on disappearing farmland in Mt. Pleasant and how many human workers will eventually he hired in subsidized production there.

Chris Walker: Death by suicide is up in WI since gun waiting period law...

The suicide of a young woman in Colorado this week demonstrates that 48-hour waiting periods for gun purchases can save lives.

Al Gedicks: Wisconsin could face a mining disaster

Mining company's proposed tailings dam could cause massive pollution of Lake Michigan.

David Fladeboe: Trump voters vs. Dane County

Supporters of Brian Hagedorn knew that they had to wake up a lot of dormant Trump voters and turn them out to vote.

Tommy Thompson: Streamlining drug approvals can lower treatment costs

The FDA just issued draft guidance that would expedite the development of groundbreaking cures by empowering drug makers to utilize "adaptive trial designs."

Gordon Hintz: 10 reasons to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers 2019-21 budget makes expansion one of its centerpieces, addressing the health care needs of Wisconsin while maximizing taxpayer dollars to fund other important priorities such as education.

Dan O’Donnell: The politics of resentment

Democrats constantly remind us that “it’s the top one percent vs. the bottom 99 percent” and “the rich don’t pay their fair share.” So effective is this manipulation that it wholly obscures the truth – the rich don’t just pay their fair share. They pay everyone’s share.

Gwen Moore: On unwrapping Trump’s tax gift to the wealthy

Republicans continue to claim that the tax law changes benefit all Americans and boost the broader economy. However, the mounting evidence demonstrates the critics were right all along: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a de facto massive giveaway to large corporations and the top one percent.