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WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate Republicans’ planned Elections Commission audit

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, offer their views on GOP plans to audit the Wisconsin Elections Commission about voting practices in the 2020 election.

Paul Fanlund: Three early warning signs of our current political nightmare

Ominous signals around race, the importance of competence, and a changing media foreshadowed our current Donald Trump-driven dysfunction. Barack Obama describes several of them in his autobiography, “A Promised Land.”

Matt Rothschild: Say no to a constitutional convention

Legislators pushing for this again. Why it's a bad idea.

Jordan Morales: Let the smart people decide on higher taxes

Why would Vos be against the ability for residents to determine what revenues their municipalities or counties should be able to raise, unless he thinks they are “not smart” enough to vote the way he believes they should?

Dave Cieslewicz: Why doesn’t GOP want a fair fight?

The flurry of election changes introduced in Wisconsin are mostly mind-numbing in their picky detail, but the gist is to make it harder to vote, pure and simple.

Don Vruwink: Let’s stop the blame game and work together

Last week, after almost a year of delays, the Legislature took a small step in fixing our state’s outdated unemployment compensation system.

Dan O’Donnell: Follow the science and let girls compete against girls

Representative Dittrich’s “Protecting Women in Sports Act” is the exact opposite of bigotry; it is a powerful affirmation of all that female athletes can achieve if they’re allowed to run a fair race.

M.D. Kittle: Barnes’ carbon footprint climate change report

The publication is filled with the kind of extreme environmentalism that has marked Gov. Tony Evers’ administration.

Caitlin Rublee: We need climate protected health systems

Problems in Texas, other states, show how extreme weather events can shut down or overwhelm hospitals.

Sarah Godlewski: State and local leaders want more COVID-19 relief

It’s time for congressional Republicans to listen.

John Nichols: Let’s get serious about democratizing Wisconsin

Republican Sen. Dale Kooyenga and progressive Democratic Rep. Daniel Riemer deserve credit for advancing an innovative proposal for ranked-choice voting, and for opening a necessary discussion about democracy in Wisconsin. But they’re not going far enough.

Bruce Thompson: Trump’s dismal record on the economy

The data shows the worst performance of any president since World War II.

Kurt Bauer: It’s time to tap into America’s manufacturing advantage

The U.S. should adopt policies on energy, immigration and taxation that incentivize the re-shoring of critical manufacturing.

Bobbi Wilson: Structural reform needed to stabilize agricultural economy

As 2021 gets underway with a new President and a new Congress, the best hope to truly stabilize the agricultural economy is not more exorbitant bailouts, but structural reform.
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