WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate drug testing Medicaid recipients

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Kanavas, debate Gov. Scott Walker's plan to drug test Medicaid recipients, approved by the Joint Finance Committee this week. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Paul Fanlund: So why can’t America just be ‘good’ again?

We are supposed to believe that America was “great” throughout its history, equally “great” when we were young, and, by God, can be similarly “great” once more. That world view was a springboard for a propagandist like Roger Ailes and a demagogue like Donald Trump. And it has contributed mightily to bitterly dividing the nation.

Rebecca Kleefisch: Wisconsin is actually winning the war on poverty

Fewer people, especially fewer children, are living in poverty in Wisconsin than ever before. In fact, we’ve seen a “significant reduction” in poverty across our state the past several years.

Tammy Baldwin: Action needed on student debt crisis

Our proposal provides help. Trump budget makes things worse.

CJ Szafir et al: Fact checking Pocan’s smear of school choice

But Pocan was simply flat out wrong on a number of items, clearly more interested in scoring political points with his Madison constituents than having a substantive conversation about education policy with the Education Secretary.

Dave Zweifel: State Dems at crossroads as convention nears

The party needs to find a way to communicate what it stands for to citizens — especially working people — who obviously have formed a perception at odds with reality.

Jon Peacock: Trump budget’s massive Medicaid cut

There are currently almost 1.2 million Wisconsinites who participate in Medicaid-funded programs, and whose health care will be at risk if the president’s proposals are approved.

Ruth Conniff: Why I am leaving for Mexico

The reasons are personal and political.

Advantageous Advocacy: The 10-Step D-I-Y Meeting Agenda Planner

A worthwhile and efficient meeting usually requires solid preparation and strong organization. A leader putting in a little time up-front goes a long way toward achieving objectives and making meeting attendees believe their time is valued.

Will Flanders: Celebrating Tommy Thompson and school choice

It took the courage and leadership of Gov. Thompson and a host of others to expand educational opportunity by going against the status quo education mindset.
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