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Van Mobley: Bipartisan budget is the kiss of death, not boon, for Evers, Vos,...

Events are proving the Evers/Vos bipartisan budget is one of the greatest fiascos in Wisconsin fiscal history.

Lena Taylor: They don’t know us

Voters will push back against GOP attacks.

Owen Robinson: High inflation lights fuse of government taxing and spending time bomb

There is no sign of inflation abating any time soon and it has lit a fuse that will ignite massive increase in taxes and spending.

Tom Duerst: Keep Wisconsin moving forward

Every day our businesses across the country are struggling because of the trade war with China. We need all of Washington and the Biden administration to take immediate action and terminate tariffs on Chinese imports.

Dave Cieslewicz: Redistricting: Short-term pain for long-term gain

Democrats are pursuing a redistricting strategy that could result in an absolute bloodbath this fall, but better news for them over the coming decade.

Bruce Murphy: Is Rebecca Kleefisch a ‘hypocrite’?

Her voting as “indefinitely confined” was something done in many Republican-leaning districts.

Bill Kaplan: U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson could win statewide

Nelson could win statewide, bridging the rural-suburban-urban divide.

Bob Dohnal: Robin Vos: Election 2022

Your request for Nicholson to drop out? Myopic idea, really bad!

Dave Zweifel: Turns out there was election fraud — by the GOP

Ten Republican officials in Wisconsin got together to sign documents in an attempt to lay claim to Electoral College votes that weren't theirs.

Bob Chernow: To keep democracy, we need to play fair

When there is a crisis, we come together. It is in our nature to be generous and charitable. But in the last few years we have become divided, and more so, although I believe, as a futurist, that we are at a turning point where this will change.

Patrick McIlheran: The compass parents owe kids

All schools offer students some kind of moral understanding; parents should have the right to choose which one.

Fabu: The fight against discrimination continues

The King Holiday is the only federal holiday designated as a day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer and actively improve our communities. His legacy, despite personal flaws, remains a reminder that each of us should stand against injustice and value our hard-won freedom.

Dave Cieslewicz: Dems over-react on drop box ruling

Maybe the judge was right or wrong, but there’s really not all that much at stake here.

Tom Still: Once just a dream, digital healthcare data yielding tangible results

From epidemiology to cancer to many other human diseases and conditions, digital health data provides a link to learning more about possible causes, diagnoses and even treatments.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Johnson’s reelection bid

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider how U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson's plan to run for reelection impacts other GOP candidates and races." Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.
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