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Bill Kaplan: Voting for change nationally and in Wisconsin

It’s time for the esteemed former Wisconsin GOP Governor Tommy Thompson to talk sense to the GOP state legislative leadership.  Wisconsinites voted for change and for the state to move forward.

Dave Zweifel: Whether pro- or anti-war, vets prove their patriotism

Carrie A. Meyer's book, "Letters From the Boys," shows America's veterans aren't monolithic.

John Nichols: Evers won as the Wisconsin Idea candidate

Evers sought the governorship as a champion of the Wisconsin Idea.

James Wigderson: Really Wisconsin? Tony Evers is our next governor?

We’re in an era of divided government. That means Republicans must make the case for why they should be allowed back into the governor’s mansion.

Steven Walters: A fascinating midterm election prompts some fascinating questions

WisconsinEye's Steven Walters looks at what's next in state government following the midterms.

David Blaska: Go big or go home; Tuesday election autopsy

In a two-part series, blogger David Blaska shares his post-mortem on Tuesday's election outcomes.

James Rowen: Vos, Fitzgerald and the rise of little dictators

In Wisconsin, GOP-initiated election suppression is moving from voter ID and election-day pressures to post-election nullification.

Jerry Huffman: Goodbye, Henry

Henry Lippold, who died last month at 89, built UW-Eau Claire’s broadcast journalism department from the ground up in the early '70s.

WisOpinion.com: The Insiders survey Wisconsin’s new political landscape

With the midterm elections completed, WisOpinion Insiders Chvala and Jensen survey the new shape of Wisconsin's political landscape. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Bruce Thompson: MPS charter schools work better

So why doesn’t the school board embrace them?

Paul Fanlund: By rejecting divide and conquer, Wisconsin turns the page

It’s impossible to overstate how much those who yearn for a return to a more united Wisconsin owe to Tony Evers, our humble and bookish governor-elect, and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a routinely underestimated liberal from Madison with steely optimism and Midwestern authenticity.

Dave Cieslewicz: Evers could produce a renaissance for Wisconsin Dems

The major implication of Tony Evers’ victory over Scott Walker is that the new Democratic governor will force a fair redistricting after the 2020 Census.

Dan O’Donnell: How it feels

Walker's loss hurts in a much more acute way than I think any election loss has ever hurt before because of what it ultimately represents—an end to eight years of conservative governance in this state in which many of us were far more personally invested than perhaps any in our lifetimes.

Dominique Paul Noth: Being blue about not being blue enough

Cheer for what you can, but don’t forget to buckle down and be forced to work even harder to bring the US back to a nation its own citizens, much less the world, can respect and admire. We didn’t do that Nov. 6 and have to try try again.

Charlie Sykes: Midterm madness

On the Daily Standard podcast, host Charlie Sykes discusses the midterms with Weekly Standard chief elections analyst David Byler and senior writer Michael Warren.