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Mark Pocan: Dem gubernatorial candidates must focus on Walker, not each other

To be successful, Democrats must focus on Gov. Walker’s failures and show Wisconsin voters their vision for the state, rather than attacking each other.

Christian Schneider: Democrats running for governor imagine a Wisconsin that doesn’t exist

When candidates challenge an incumbent, they only have one option: To convince voters to change course. In doing so, they often have to fabricate a new reality from which they then vow to save a state’s citizens.

Dave Zweifel: Loudmouth xenophobes should get their facts straight

Violence and bullying are often committed by those who are ignorant of what they're angry about.

Bruce Murphy Foxconn deal allows low-ball wages

Documents show state will allow 93 percent of workers to earn less than $15 hour.

Spencer Black: Don’t be so quick to celebrate Scott Pruitt’s departure

His replacement, a coal lobbyist named Andrew Wheeler, is likely to be even worse.

WisOpinion.com: Who won the July 12th televised Democratic gubernatorial debate?

The eight Dem guv candidates hit on Foxconn, reducing the state's prison population and other issues as they met for their first televised debate...

Steven Walters: State Democrats split on abolishing ICE

Pocan’s proposal not backed by Baldwin, most Democratic candidates for Congress.

Charlie Sykes: Wisconsin spring

Sykes reviews Dan Kaufman's new book, "The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics."

John Nichols: Not all Republicans abandon ‘party of Lincoln’s’ faith in voting rights

GOP U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner continues to advocate for the revitalization of the Voting Rights Act — along with Congressional Black Caucus members such as Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

Dave Zweifel: Make your voice heard on Trump’s abortion ‘gag rule’

Title X funding to organizations like Planned Parenthood is now in jeopardy because of Donald Trump's insistence on instituting a so-called "domestic gag rule" that would deny funding to any clinic that includes the word "abortion" in counseling pregnant women about their options or that actually performs abortions.

Jay Risch: Wisconsin economy headed in the right direction

When you add all of the above to our rising wages, lowest-ever unemployment rate, budget surpluses, tax cuts, record K-12 education funding, more investment in broadband, and the best-funded pension system in America, it is crystal clear that Wisconsin's economy is absolutely going in the right direction.

Bill Berrien: A defense bill is no place for endangered species act rollbacks

Amidst the deliberations about the National Defense Authorization Act are a series of proposals to undermine two of our nation’s bedrock environmental laws.

James Wigderson: A claim even Randy Bryce’s supporters didn’t buy

At a Saturday rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Randy Bryce told a whopper that even many of his supporters couldn’t cheer. Bryce told the audience that he has never paid a bill from money made as a politician.

George Mitchell: Ron Johnson to the rescue

Wisconsin’s senior senator has stepped in to organize a post-primary unity fundraiser featuring Diane Hendricks and Dick Uihlein.

Tom Barrett: Bring Amazon to Milwaukee’s central city

With recent new stories reporting Amazon is planning a new distribution center in southeastern Wisconsin, Amazon can and should seize the moment and provide transformational leadership in another way: it can lead corporate America by bringing stable employment to Milwaukee’s central city and other high unemployment urban areas.
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