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Ben Wikler: Wisconsinites must stand together against Trump’s attacks on our social safety net

If Trump achieves his vision, nearly every Wisconsin family will be harmed.

Jeff Smith: State school funding will lower taxes

Properly supporting our public schools at the state level would decrease the burden on homeowners by not requiring school districts to pass referenda just to keep operating.

M.D. Kittle: Evers’ team’s sneak attack on property rights

The Evers administration and their government lobbying pals just got busted trying to sneak in a change to Wisconsin’s Homeowners’ Bill of Rights that would have watered down protections against unwanted home assessments.

James Wigderson: Madison schools sued for violating parental rights

The Madison school district is violating the rights of parents to be informed when their children self-identify as a gender other than what they are, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

John Nichols: Russ Feingold continues to influence the presidential debate

Even now, as another presidential race takes shape, the former senator continues to raise issues that need to be added to the agenda, and to frame debates in broader and more dynamic terms than those who usually compete for the nation’s top job.

Tom Loftus: A Shakespearean take on low-yield nuclear weapons

On Feb. 4, the Associated Press reported, "U.S. adds 'low yield' nuclear weapon to its submarine arsenal." The announcement of the deployment of this destabilizing weapon — the first new nuclear weapon in decades — was anticipated. It is a main reason the Doomsday Clock was moved closer to midnight — meaning the risk of nuclear war has increased.

Steven Walters: Session’s end has ‘ready-fire-aim’ feel

The Legislature is in the final weeks of its two-year session. It’s the ready-fire-aim stage of the process. It isn’t pretty or rational. It’s the “stuff the sausage” phase of lawmaking.

Scott Walker: We’re undeniably better off thanks to Donald Trump

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? More Americans today say the answer is “yes” than at any point since pollsters began posing that classic query nearly three decades ago.

Jessie Opoien: The Trump administration’s proposal to deport thousands of Hmong residents is unconscionable

If we value our allies — and their safety — we cannot let this go unopposed.

John Nichols: Trump’s fund grab robs Wisconsin

Trump's Pentagon issued a "reprogramming" notice that says it will shift $3.8 billion in funding away from planned projects in order to build additional sections of the border wall.

Dave Zweifel: Heed Wendell Potter’s warnings about health insurance spin

Wendell Potter's book, "Deadly Spin," specifically described how the health insurance industry has been able to demonize any plan to improve health coverage for Americans, including Obamacare.

David Blaska: Can a liberal Dane County judge win statewide election?

Do candidates campaign as being tough on crime, any more? Even candidates for judgeships? Not if they’re from Dane County, apparently.

Paul Fanlund: A search for proportion, civility in today’s culture

Popular culture of the past seemed to have a greater sense of proportion, civility and basic decency about the deaths of famous people than our own social media-driven era.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ analyze major races in Tuesday’s elections

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Jensen, analyze big races in Tuesday's elections, including the 7th Congressional District GOP primary and races that will narrow...

Dominique Paul Noth: Public badly misled on what’s important in election

The American public and the cable news stations are totally misguided on where they are putting their focus. Dogfights and who’s up and who’s down may seem important for ratings but they are nonsense so early in the primary game against Donald Trump.
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