‘The Insiders’ debate Republicans’ fight to keep district lines intact

The Insiders, Kanavas & Chvala, debate Republicans' fight to keep their legislative district lines intact. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Paul Fanlund: On education, Scott Walker plays intimidation game

Rebecca Blank and Tony Evers are accomplished public leaders, Blank as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Evers as state superintendent of public instruction. These days they each sound eager to ingratiate themselves with a governor who has decided, for political expediency, to pause his hammering of their institutions for at least the 2018 election cycle.

Chris Rochester: Is the GOP serious about targeting Ron Kind?

The Republican Party could be putting plans in place to give Democratic Congressman Ron Kind the sort of challenge he hasn’t faced in his 20 years in the House.

Patrick Testin: Prioritizing rural Wisconsin

We must prioritize investment in our rural communities, to keep them strong and to keep our state strong. By connecting the state with broadband infrastructure we can retain our way of life while simultaneously ensuring that the best jobs and opportunities are available to all Wisconsinites- not just those who choose to live in urban centers.

Ryan J. Owens: Cast a wide net when filling federal judicial vacancies

When appointing judges, President Trump and the Senate should cast a wide net. Their search should include nominees who fulfill their jurisprudential philosophies, whatever those may be. But the search also should focus on nominees who will be productive, high quality judges who can work effectively with their colleagues.

Bruce Murphy: The rise of anti-semitism

Study finds three-fold increase in Milwaukee metro area. Jewish leaders blame Trump.

Mitch Henck: Donald Trump lacks humility

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says President Donald Trump lacks humility.

James Rowen: Walker ignores science in push for state control over environmental regulation

One state's rivers or air pollution can seep or fall into another state.

Dave Zweifel: We’ve lost a good man with the death of Ed Garvey

When Ed Garvey's good friend John Skilton called me early Wednesday morning to tell me Ed had passed away a few hours before, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Matt Rothschild: Ed Garvey, corporate dragon-slayer

Ed Garvey was a modern-day Fighting Bob La Follette. He carried the torch of the progressive movement in Wisconsin for the last three decades. He was a corporate dragon-slayer, and an indefatigable fighter for democracy. He was our teacher, our preacher, and sometimes our comedian, as he was gifted with a delightful wit.
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