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Ruth Conniff: The perverse stinginess of the Wisconsin GOP

Turning plenty into scarcity

Abbi Debelack: Elmbrook School Board tables controversial equity non-negotiables that resemble critical race theory

Elmbrook parents speak up to earn major victory but wary critical race theory is already in the classroom.

Dan Shafer: Does Milwaukee want to widen I-94?

At this crucial moment for this project — and for infrastructure in America, more broadly — what do highway expansion opponents in Milwaukee and Wisconsin have to say?

Sonali Kolhatkar: Pull the plug on Enbridge’s unsafe, unnecessary pipeline

A decades-old pipeline called Line 3, run by the Canadian company Enbridge, is in the midst of a controversial upgrade. That has sparked fierce resistance from Indigenous communities living along the route.

M.D. Kittle: While Kenosha burned

While portions of riot-ravaged Kenosha were still smoldering, Gov. Tony Evers’ health czar fired off an agency-wide email on “Advancing Equity” at the Department of Health Services.

Bruce Thompson: The private election grants didn’t help Biden

If anything they helped Trump, an analysis of state election results show.

Dave Zweifel: The military disgrace of Michael Flynn

Flynn and other pro-Trump crackpots are getting more dangerous every day.

James Wigderson: We’ll never hear from Ron Johnson again, Grothman laments

The controversy has followed its usual pattern for Johnson: say something controversial, get the blowback, then run around like a martyr to paranoia complaining that “cancel culture” is out to get him.

Tom Still: TitletownTech illustrates growth of Wisconsin’s innovation economy

“TitletownTech” is a 13,000-square-foot hub that is home to 20 emerging companies, a $25-million investment fund, three main floors of tech-enhanced space and the dreams of entrepreneurs who are finding their footing in northeast Wisconsin.

Badgers United board members: Democrats and Republicans coming together for UW-Madison

With the opportunity to address the challenges facing our flagship university, we are baffled to see state lawmakers delay the enumeration of the vital College of Engineering building.

‘Big 5’ school district leaders: JFC disregards pre- and post-pandemic needs of Wisconsin school...

We should not be willing to accept the Joint Finance Committee’s decision to harm our K-12 school system at a time when the state has the resources to support the increases in funding Go. Tomy Evers proposed.

Lena Taylor: Doubling down on the big lie

Working to roll back voting protections, roll back voter engagement and roll the country back to circa 1950, all while wrapping themselves in the flag and faith, Wisconsin Republicans have decided to try and maintain power at all costs.

James Wigderson: Waukesha GOP to promote Lindell stolen election conspiracy sequel

In a world where the Republican Party has gone mad, the most important county party in the state is leading the way.

Dave Cieslewicz: Equality under the law

I don’t like much of what the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty does, but they’re dead right to challenge discrimination.

Dan O’Donnell: Downtown Milwaukee at a crossroads

Rather than crack down on large gatherings and rowdy behavior by flooding the city with police officers during the late-night hours, Milwaukee seems content to let the party keep moving. Now, though, it’s reached downtown—the crown jewel of Barrett’s failed empire—and one wonders whether he will finally be motivated to crack down on the lawlessness that has engulfed the rest of his city.
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