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Bill Kraus: Primary repairs

California, Maine and a few other states defanged the parties power by turning their primary elections into popularity contests where neither party is guaranteed a place in the finals.

David D. Haynes: Tired of elections that don’t seem fair? Iowa has a better...

Iowa’s nonpartisan approach to redistricting is cheap, speedy and transparent.

Jerry Bader: Flynn: Democratic party ‘pickled in identity politics’

One of the 10 Democratic candidates for Wisconsin Governor admitted that his party is “pickled in identity politics.”

Dave Cieslewicz: The wrong me too

When liberals start to be as outraged on behalf of folks like Paula Jones as they are about folks like Monica Lewinsky, the Democratic Party will have returned to its roots and be worth supporting again. Until then, the party just continues its advocacy for the affluent and the educated, and who cares about that.

Bill Kaplan: Walker and Trump, dissembling on health care

Gov. Scott Walker, President Trump and the GOP-led Congress have been disingenuous on health care.

Dave Zweifel: Taking kids at border is a new low

As the rest of us celebrate Father's Day, isn't a good day for hundreds of illegal immigrant dads, many of whom fled to the U.S. in an attempt to escape murderous gangs and persecution in their home countries. Their kids are no longer with them and many have no idea where they are.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate what Tuesday’s special elections mean for November

Following special elections in the 1st SD and 42th AD, the WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen and Chvala, address whether a "blue wave" will flip the governor's office and reshape the partisan makeup of the Legislature. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Paul Fanlund: Diving deep into Wisconsin’s ‘media ecology’

A UW project explores how news media transformations, including the rise of talk radio, have changed our politics.

Tom Still: Wisconsin’s congressional delegation should weigh in on trade, tariffs

Members of the Wisconsin delegation have their differences on what trade policies work best, but it would be helpful if they agreed unilateral tariffs are a dangerous course.

Mitch Henck: Is fighting for dairy farmers bad trade policy?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck asks in light of last week's G7 summit: Is fighting for dairy farmers bad trade policy?

George Mitchell: Republicans gave Democrats the roads issue now being used against GOP candidates

The GOP record on transportation under Walker is “highlighted” by more roads in poor condition, a doubling of highway debt service and the basic unraveling of a bipartisan commitment to rebuild Eisenhower-era freeways that are unsafe and at the end of their useful lives.

Christian Schneider: Conservatives shouldn’t surrender in the entertainment wars

Conservatives separating themselves and refusing to compete in the only relevant arena isn’t “playing,” it is “conceding.” Instead of grinding out a painful mediocrity of a show, we just need to hone our skills and compete on the progressives’ turf.

Analiese Eicher and Scot Ross: To turn voters out, you need to turn them...

To the progressive leaders and activists who hope to replace the Republicans, what people need to hear from you is not just another recitation of the failures of Scott Walker and his gang, but rather how you intend to make Wisconsin better.

Bernie Patterson: Let’s have constructive, informed dialogue about UW-Stevens Point

Constructive ideas to bolster our enrollment and enhance our revenue, coupled with smart reductions in spending, will point us forward.

James Rowen: Scott Walker’s immodest attack on Wisconsin education

Walker engaged in dissembling about Act 10, its reach and goals when he launched and sugar-coated it.
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