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Bill Kaplan: COVID threatens stressed health care system

As COVID-19 surges again, fatigued health care workers, retirements and financial strain facing hospitals threatens our health care system.

Gary Hebl: UW-Madison welcomes new chancellor

We must ensure that our schools prepare students for life in society, and I am hopeful that Chancellor Mnookin will ensure that the student body is well-prepared for their future.

David Blaska: ‘No endorsement’ hurts Kleefisch

Kleefisch needed the party’s resources; Michels can do without.

Gregory Humphrey: No glee to be had in booing of Vos at state GOP...

Vos simply and plainly told the crowd there’s no pathway to decertifying the 2020 presidential election.

Lucy Ripp: Wisconsin GOP has no clear vision

Right-wing politicians in our state have been perpetually stuck more than 500 days in the past, focusing all of their attention and wasting hundreds of thousands of our hard-earned taxes to fund a sham inquiry into an election won fairly and freely by President Joe Biden nearly two years ago.

Dan Shafer: Wauwatosa is at the core of Republicans’ ugly partisan gerrymander

These new maps are shamelessly unfair, and what they’ve done to carve up a key city and limit its representation at the state level is beyond ridiculous.

Lena Taylor: Deal with the problem, not the symptom

Finger wagging and personal responsibility chants mean nothing. Talking about what goes on in the streets, while ignoring what goes on in state houses, doesn’t work either.

Mike Nichols: Killers and thieves walking free

Criminals are emboldened if they think they won’t get caught.

Dave Cieslewicz: Midwest: Wisconsin Idea has to flow in both directions

The senseless dustup over the appointment of UCLA Law School Dean Jennifer Mnookin as the new UW Madison Chancellor has raised a more interesting — and worthwhile — question about the Wisconsin Idea.

Johanna Hatch: We must support access to abortion care

Liberated abortion looks like abortion access that is free from hurdles; that is not challenged continuously in court or punished criminally; that is fully available regardless of zip code, income level or insurance coverage; and that is free from shame and stigma.

Paul Fanlund: Both style and substance keyed Rebecca Blank’s success

Blank is widely, almost universally, regarded to have been a success as chancellor, a leader who improved the caliber of the student body, stabilized the university’s shaky finances, restored much of its lost research revenue and momentum, and made progress on issues of diversity even through a wrenching pandemic.

Don Vruwink: Remembering those who gave all

On Memorial Day and every day, let’s thank those who continue to serve our country, and remember those who gave all.

Dan O’Donnell: How the Milwaukee justice system’s leniency helped shoot up Water Street

If it wasn’t clear enough already, the mass shooting in downtown Milwaukee’s entertainment district last Friday night should remove any doubt that the biggest contributor to skyrocketing crime rates continues to be the one that should be the easiest to fix: the irresponsible issuing of signature bond or low bail.

Cindy Duchow: Chisholm’s failures creating more violence

Failed D.A. John Chisholm and Mayor Cavalier Johnson have no plans to protect innocent life.

Clarence O. Findley: Findley Foundation at the forefront of our community’s pandemic response

With your support, the Findley Foundation was able to be at the forefront of our community’s pandemic response and played a pivotal role in ensuring our patients continued to be well-served and our staff remained safe.
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