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Dave Zweifel: 100 years of fighting the good fights

In my old age as the editor emeritus, I see a 100-year-old newspaper that is still young and vibrant and willing to take the chances and fight the fights that Mr. Evjue envisioned when those first papers came off the press on Dec. 13, 1917.

Jonathan Krause: A new hope

A big congratulations to members of the real Republican Party as they celebrate the loss of the hijacked Republican Party candidate in yesterday's special Senate election in Alabama. The contemptible Roy Moore loses a seat that had been held by the GOP for 25-years.

Mitch Henck: Will Alabama election carry over to 2018?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Democrat Doug Jones' victory over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama's special Senate election Tuesday.

Bruce Murphy: Brad Schimel strikes out again

His 11-month investigation of John Doe leaks yields no charges but lots of anger.

Kathryn J. McGarr: No one should be surprised by journalism’s sexual harassment problem

Women in the industry have long been treated as second-class citizens.

Nancy Milholland: Much needed reforms for the future of the USPS

In contrast to a bailout, H.R. 756 would put USPS on more sustainable long-term financial footing. In short, the legislation cuts costs, streamlines and secures mail delivery, strengthens accountability, and improves oversight. Additionally, it guarantees pension liability, improves employee health care, focuses on local service opportunities, and supports rural postal service access -- something we need in Wisconsin’s first Congressional District.

John Torinus: Johnson emerges as small business hero

Johnson succeeded in getting a reduction of 23% in the profits subject to tax in proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability and S corporations. Any way you cut it, that makes him a hero for small companies.

Tom Still: How the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ can retool Wisconsin

All too often, American inventions don’t stay home to create companies and jobs. The late George H. Heilmeier has long represented just such a missed opportunity – and he’s now a symbol of why there’s hope for a techno-industrial renaissance.

James Rowen: WI GOP aims new, bigger dagger at wetlands & environment

Because the US Supreme Court might order more equitably-drawn Wisconsin legislative districts and thereby threaten GOP domination, Gov. Walker and his allies are accelerating their war on public resources to get their ideological friends and donors what's grabbable right now.

James Wigderson: Conversation with Waukesha County Exec. Paul Farrow

Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow joins RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson to talk about keeping taxes down, future growth in the county, and the lost chili recipe.

Dave Cieslewicz: New county vehicle tax hits Madison harder

There was little media attention last month when the Dane County Board quietly passed a new wheel tax. It’s a big subsidy from Madison residents to those who live in rural areas.

Leah Vukmir: An attack on my privacy in Wisconsin’s political war

A rogue state agency took my personal emails and filed them under "opposition research."

Tarren Bragdon: Scott Walker, a model governor

State leaders such as Walker and Ducey are stepping up to the plate when it matters most — not just during the campaign, but now, when their constituents desperately need solutions.

John Nichols: Walker crushes WI democracy to advance Koch brothers’ agenda

When the Kochs say “Jump!” Scott Walker asks “How high?” So it came as no surprise that the governor of Wisconsin and his legislative allies moved this fall to make Wisconsin the 28th state to support the convention call.

Steven Walters: Schimel touts his conservative credentials in re-election bid

Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel has spent the last year picking the controversial issues on which he will base his campaign for a second term.
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