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John Nichols: With Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers can beat Scott Walker

Overcoming the deep divisions fostered by Scott Walker’s “divide-and-conquer” approach to governing, and getting state government focused on serving all of Wisconsin, is going to be an all-hands-on-deck project. Tony Evers is a smart enough man to know that he is lucky to have Mandela Barnes at his side.

Sam Morateck: How is Evers going to pay for his increases in spending?

Following his victory in the Democratic primary for governor Tuesday night, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers made big promises on education but omitted any plans for funding them in his victory speech.

Bill Kaplan: Walker is in trouble

Walker knows he is in trouble and has been sounding the alarm for months. He will run a no holds barred race to save his political career.

Dan O’Donnell: A ‘crucial’ election

The divisiveness of the primary must give way to a united conservative movement or every one of Wisconsin’s conservative reforms is in jeopardy.

Don Vruwink: Where are all the new teachers?

The number of students enrolled in teacher preparation programs is shrinking and schools are seeing fewer people apply for teaching positions. The Public Policy Forum found that between the 2008 and 2013 school year, enrollees in Wisconsin teacher training programs declined by 29 percent.

Dave Zweifel: GOP’s message to health care consumers: Drop dead

Walker's health insurance maneuvering is the most perplexing. Along with Donald Trump, he has been a fierce opponent of the Affordable Care Act for reasons that are hard to understand.

James Rowen: Wisconsin landscape flooded with water, dismissal of science, too

Wisconsin has been hit again by flooding that scoured away cars, pavement, and land. We've also got Scott Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' management that scrubbed away important information about why the flooding is likely to get worse, having ignored expert, public warnings about insufficient stormwater management and funding since 2003.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ assign primary winners and losers

With the primary results in the books, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, assign winners and losers in races for governor, U.S. Senate and other contests. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.

Christian Schneider: Students need a civics education now more than ever

This corrosion of civic education is manifesting itself in the types of leaders Americans are choosing and in what citizens expect of those leaders once they take office.

William Barth: Truth can survive ‘fake news’; it cannot survive disinterest

Call this "fake news" if you want, but I think if independent journalism some day disappears, we, the people, can count on getting the government we will deserve.

Matt Rothschild: Trump and the road to fascism

America is not a fascist state yet. But it could get there in a hurry.

Spencer Black: Let’s count the ways the GOP is rigging our elections

Central to the Republican stratagem is restricting voting by groups that tend to vote Democratic: youth, minorities, the poor and disabled.

Paul Fanlund: The Tony Evers-Scott Walker race jumps right to the ‘scorched earth’ phase

The Republican Party’s campaign against Tony Evers began minutes after he won the Democratic primary, and voters should expect to see plenty more through November given Gov. Scott Walker’s slim record of accomplishments to tout.

Will Flanders: Tony Evers is a real threat to education reform and school choice

His stance on school choice may kick thousands of low-income Milwaukee students out of their schools.

James Rowen: Evers offer depth, inspires trust. Walker doesn’t.

People are tired of the con and are ready to have policy delivered by a calm, competent figure they can trust.
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