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Paul Fanlund: On race, the bullhorn replaces 50 years of dog whistles for the...

Republicans have been acting to enable Charlottesville — and maybe future Charlottesvilles — for more than half a century. On race, Trump has simply dispensed with the old dog whistles and grabbed a bullhorn.

Dave Zweifel: ‘Deplorables’ are emboldened by our deplorable president

Americans who fell for Donald Trump will rebel at being compared to the supremacists, but they need to face the fact. Former KKK leader David Duke and his compatriots have been emboldened by the deplorable president they decided ought to lead the greatest democracy on earth.

Tom Still: In some places, the Civil War isn’t over or even called that

History must be taught to successive generations; it is not genetically transmitted. Dispelling hatred among the few requires resolve and education by the many.

Dale Kooyenga: Why I voted for Foxconn

The bill paves the way for Foxconn to make an historic investment in Wisconsin – in fact, one of the largest foreign investments in U.S. history.

James Rowen: Foxconn favors are basic to Walker/GOP’s sloppy playbook

The GOP-led Wisconsin Assembly is rushing the Foxconn bill forward straight through regulatory and due-diligence gaps in smart business and environmental best practices deliberately blown in Wisconsin law and legacy.

Tom Clementi: Lawmakers need to take a closer look at the Foxconn deal

We all want to see more jobs for our state — no one wants less employment — but the Foxconn deal has so many question marks, we’d be foolish to rush into it without getting some answers first.

Bruce Murphy: Richard Uihlein, GOP kingmaker

Should Illinois billionaire dictate Republican choice for U.S. Senate?

Lena Taylor: The power of the vote

If it isn’t valuable, then why so much work to take it from you?

Katrina Shankland: Foxconn deal needs improvements to protect workers, taxpayers, and our natural resources

New jobs are exciting, but we must be prudent, measured, and responsible as we weigh this decision.

Mike Nichols: Foxconn deal: Unprecedented decision, disparate opinions

To help shed light on a complex deliberation, we’ve asked three of the smartest economists in Wisconsin (or with Wisconsin roots) to share their thoughts prior to action in Madison. Their initial takes — one skeptical, one largely sanguine and one against — are included, along with an analysis of the prospects for Taiwan-based Foxconn and LCD technology.
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