Chris Rickert: Smart labor reform undermined by years of GOP labor ‘reform’

Sen. Duey Stroebel and Rep. Tyler August would expand from three to five the number of highest-earning years used in calculating monthly pension benefits for retired public-sector workers, and raise the minimum retirement ages from 50 to 52 for public safety workers such as cops and firefighters and from 55 to 60 for everyone else. The changes would apply only to future public-sector hires.

Chris Taylor: Fight over U.S. Constitution is coming to Wisconsin

ALEC’s drive to amend our Constitution has nothing to do with actual people and everything to do with their big corporate backers. They want to stop the federal government from protecting our environment, giving workers a voice at the table, paying fair wages, and giving the economy a boost during recessions.

Mark R. Hogan: Walker’s budget helps support Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs

The state of Wisconsin is committed to supporting the entrepreneurs and innovators who are working to move our state and economy forward.

Bruce Murphy: Sykes’ war against Sheriff Clarke

Nowadays, if you looking for someone to dump on Sheriff David Clarke, you can’t do better than Charlie Sykes.

Bill Kaplan: GOP health care debacle

President Trump was no dealmaker and Rep. Paul Ryan was speaker in name only. A debacle for the GOP.

Charlie Sykes: 7 things we learned from the health care debacle

Minutes after the most dramatic political defeat of his presidency, Donald Trump made two things clear: (1) he was actually relieved (rather than angry) that the repeal/replace bill was dead and, (2) was basically giving up on the issue that conservatives had hammered on for the last seven years.

John Torinus: What happened to Trump’s Art of the Deal?

President Trump may know a thing or two about hotel deals, but he totally flubbed the art of the deal with Republicans in Congress as they tried to replace Obamacare. So did his quarterback in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan.

Dominique Paul Noth: Ryan’s failure should turn Trump to House’s enduring power center

The debacle of the GOP health care bill reveals a hard truth for Donald Trump. There is a strongman in D.C. he will have to work with if he wants to get anything positive done. Her name is Nancy Pelosi.
Paul Ryan

James Rowen: Paul Ryan and his failed wonkology

"Wonkology" is my term for ideology + buzzwords, and there's no bigger believer in it and its toxic detachment from everyday human reality than Wisconsin GOP Congressman and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

David Blaska: Epic fail: Obamacare repeal DOA. Good!

The promise that elected ever-more Republicans in four straight elections after Obamacare’s passage eight years ago turned out to be a chimera. Lucy pulling the football.
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