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WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the Legislature’s election-year agenda

With lawmakers back, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, look at the election-year agenda for the Legislature.

Paul Fanlund: Can any of the Democratic candidates inspire ‘low-information’ voters as Obama did?

I wonder how much this Ground Hog-day repetition — Democrats squabbling and Trump spewing — matters? Are the eligible voters who will ultimately decide Trump’s fate this fall — by voting or not voting — paying any attention at all?

LaKeshia Myers: Certified funds only: Re-examining Dr. King’s quest for racial equity

The progress championed in the late 1960s, 70s, and 80s has slowly eroded. It is consistently being chipped away through judicial activism, partisan gerrymandering, restrictions to the ballot box, and the political impotence of elected officials. In 2020, we must wake up; we can no longer afford to be passive dreamers.

Julie Grace: ‘Sunrise review’ would inform legislators about impact of proposed occupational licenses

Wisconsin should join states that have enacted sunrise laws as an alternative to new licenses that fence out workers and don't protect the public.

Lena Taylor: State GOP remains tone deaf of criminal justice reform

While most places around the country are looking at ways to decrease their prison population, my Republican colleagues are busy coming up ways to further add to an overburdened and costly corrections system.

Rick Esenberg: Cap Times’ noose cartoon the worst kind of politics

To treat the other side as criminals, fascists, Jim Crow-racists or deplorables generates all heat and no light. It is a perfect example of what is wrong with us today.

Dan O’Donnell: Crisis management

The sky has been falling on the Separation of Powers doctrine ever since the three Democrat-appointed members of the Wisconsin Election Commission voted to willfully defy both the state’s legislative and judicial branches by refusing to comply with a court order to remove 209,000 names from the voter rolls.

Dave Zweifel: Don’t let the vote suppressors win in Wisconsin

Rick Esenberg and the rest of his staff at WILL have long been in cahoots with Wisconsin Republicans to suppress the vote, whether it be voter ID, fewer days and hours for absentee voting or now, purging voting lists because people have either moved or didn't take the time to return a postcard to confirm their address.

Chris Liebenthal: WisGOP suffer major setback in their war on democracy

Wisconsin Republicans probably won't be able to silence the voices of over 200,000 people in the spring elections.

Bruce Thompson: Both parties bar primary challenge to Trump

Weld and Walsh barred from Republican presidential primary in state’s Spring election. Why?

Terrence Wall: Warren’s half-truths about ‘Medicare for All’

The Democrat presidential candidate pegs her plan’s price tag at north of $20 trillion over a decade, or about $2 trillion per year. That’s a half truth at best, and much of the media is complicit in the spin.

Amy Barrilleaux: Our fight for safe drinking water

The public information officer for Madison Water Utility seeks to set the record straight on her agency’s response to the threat of PFAS.

Tom Still: Federal rules on data privacy make more sense than state-by-state laws

Enduring data privacy relies in part on consumers thinking through their own online habits, as well as companies adopting a culture of respect for the identifiable data they collect. It also makes sense to have national rules that encourage continued innovation while protecting people in whatever state they call home.

Bruce Murphy: Why a voter purge is so critical

The goal is to reelect Trump. Even if that means purging some Republican voters, too.
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