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WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the new federal tax law

The WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen and Chvala, debate the new federal tax law and how it will affect Sen. Tammy Baldwin and other pols running in 2018. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion Poll: Will 2018 be a wave year for Wisconsin Democrats?

Dem Patty Schachtner scored an upset special election win in the Republican-leaning 10th SD January 16 as Dems immediately portrayed the victory over GOP Rep. Adam Jarchow as a sign a wave is headed toward Wisconsin this fall.

Rebecca Kleefisch and John Nygren: The next steps against opioid abuse

On the basis of our continuing engagement with citizens across Wisconsin, and with the benefit of The Pew Charitable Trust's expertise, today we are releasing a new set of recommendations to Governor Walker, the Legislature, and the people of our state to address the opioid crisis.

Dave Zweifel: No wonder Norwegians aren’t beating down door to U.S.

Norway has become a country where everyone has health insurance, kids go to college tuition-free and a decent standard of living is enjoyed by all.

Dan Adams: Handicapping the Democratic gubernatorial primary

With nine candidates with some ability to win, the race is interesting if for nothing less than a litmus test on what appeals to Democrats, and maybe as a proxy test for the 2020 national presidential primaries.

Tom Loftus: Paul Soglin’s always fought the good fight — and should keep on

Paul is a radical of the real — fix the roads, school the kids, a living wage, a sustainable environment, local control and local business. That is good. But the reason to run is to stand on the stage and say: "Our future can be better."

John Nichols: The Trump effect helps Democrats pull off a surprise win in Wisconsin

In a district that backed Trump 55-38, Patty Schachtner sweeps to victory with a result that has shocked the state—and Governor Scott Walker.

James Wigderson: Conversation with Brian Fraley on the GOP failure in state Senate District...

This week on RightWisconsin Conversations, Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging explains what happened in Wisconsin’s special election on Tuesday. The Republican strategist and former Managing Editor of RightWisconsin explains why Republicans failed to hold a state Senate seat they’ve held since Sheila Harsdorf won it in the 2000 election. Fraley also explains what are the implications, if any, for future elections. Are we headed towards a big blue wave?

Bruce Thompson: Behold the elephant chart

It shows global and U.S. changes benefit 1%; who are the losers?

Jim Steineke: Asking for your support to change Wisconsin’s bail laws

We have seen cases all over the state where a person who should have a very high bail is instead held for a low limit and released back into the community.

Matthew Rothschild: Fitzgerald mounts callous campaign to destroy careers

Fitzgerald is waging a vendetta against Elections Commission Administrator Michael Haas and Ethics Commission Administrator Brian Bell. Not since the days of Tailgunner Joe McCarthy has an elected official tried so callously to destroy the careers of such decent public servants.

Jay Heck: Fight back against unjust attack on state Elections and Ethics administrators

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, and state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.,R-Rochester, have "teamed up" to remove the current Wisconsin Elections Administrator Mike Haas and Wisconsin Ethics Administrator Brian Bell. A vote has been scheduled for Jan. 23.

Christian Schneider: Madison curmudgeon, Mayor Paul Soglin, won’t beat Scott Walker in this century

Clearly, Soglin thinks he's the right man for the right time. But given his record, it is unclear whether that time is 2018 or 1918.

Dave Zweifel: Back to the days of ‘Dr. Strangelove’

What's scary about all this blustering about nuclear war between North Korea and the United States is that it is accepted so cavalierly — like, ho-hum, lobbing nukes at each other across the Pacific is just another day at the office.

Spencer Black: Donald Trump is waging war on our outdoors

Trump administration has waged a ceaseless war on our outdoors, eviscerating our system of environmental protection, severely weakening safeguards for our air, land and water and undercutting efforts to address the climate crisis.
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