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Jonah Goldberg: Paul Ryan is once again being cast as a pariah

Note: If this post has anything to do with Evers, the Evers administration or lame-duck legislation and related lawsuits, please tag it as Evers...

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the transportation budget

This week on WisOpinion.com’s ‘The Insiders’: Chvala and Jensen take long- and short-term views of Wisconsin's transportation budget. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and...

Paul Fanlund: Cap Times Idea Fest is back with another outstanding lineup

Cap Times Idea Fest is slated for Sept. 13-14 .

Dave Zweifel: Democrats’ ‘far left’ ideas aren’t so radical after all

To read some of the pundits these days, you'd think that the "far left" Democratic candidates for president are pushing radical, out-of-the-mainstream ideas that will surely lead to the re-election of Donald Trump if the party is foolish enough to nominate them.

Dominique Paul Noth: How far left is too left?

The answer may depend on where you live. Folks in New York City and Los Angeles and perhaps even Chicago seem to relish the ideas that moderate Democrats call extreme. In states like Wisconsin, where the voters may lean Democratic, the successful gerrymandering of a decade has locked the Republicans in legislative power -- despite a smart Democratic governor.

Bryan Sabella: 2020 Democrats should avoid getting trapped in a left-wing bubble

The liberal bubble has swollen to levels that threaten to snatch away an exceedingly winnable election against perhaps the most disliked incumbent president in history.

Dan O’Donnell: Evers literally inventing new ways to spend money

To say that Evers is inventing new ways to spend money isn’t just a figure of speech anymore. In the most ludicrous expansion of line-item veto power in recent memory, he circumvented longstanding constitutional norms and $86 million in K-12 education spending to Wisconsin’s biennial budget.

Jim Maas: Back to the quagmire

Deployments which have nothing to do with the security of America or Wisconsin take a toll on our Guard soldiers, their families, employers or their education, even if all survive the fiasco. We call upon Governor Evers to keep our troops at home unless the Wisconsin Legislature recognizes a national emergency which requires the use of Wisconsin’s soldiers.

Chris Walker: Congress must assert its Article I powers above the president

Bipartisan efforts to assert the legislative branch's war powers is a welcomed start.