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WisOpinion Poll: Who will win the Wisconsin presidential primary?

Will Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders win the Wisconsin presidential primary? Let us know your thoughts in a new WisOpinion poll.

Duey Stroebel: The election must go on

Regular elections are a symbol of both the strength of our civil institutions and ability to come together under the most trying of circumstances.

Bruce Murphy: Will Trump help state get medical supplies?

Still won’t use Defense Production Act to ramp up production. Baldwin pushes for action.

Jessie Opoien: If you think you need mental health help in this pandemic, get...

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is not a failure. It is, in fact, the opposite.

Dan O’Donnell: Jill Karofsky’s dangerous lie

As perhaps the single most liberal, soft-on-crime judge on the single most liberal, soft-on-crime court in the state, Karofsky has repeatedly bent over backwards to not hold violent criminals accountable.

John Nichols: Vote early for Judge Karofsky

Judge Karofsky is prepared to serve on the Supreme Court and deserves an overwhelming victory.

Teri Nicolai: Vote ‘yes’ to strengthen the rights of crime victims

The amendment, commonly known as Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, seeks to strengthen the rights of crime victims to ensure their rights are equal alongside those of the accused. No more, no less.

Ron Johnson: As we learn more about the coronavirus, try to put things into...

Imagine the potential psychological and human toll if this shutdown continues indefinitely, unemployment reaches 20% or higher, as some now predict, and we sink into a deep recession or depression.

Bruce Murphy: Wisconsin behind on social distancing?

Many states doing better, data suggests. Milwaukee County looks behind, too.

Van Mobley: Weighing the costs of next steps in lives and money

Is it really wise or noble to sacrifice our way of life, even for a moment, in an effort to save a small percentage of the population-- when it seems possible, and perhaps even probable, we are not even pursuing the most effective strategies to protect that vulnerable, small percentage of our population? We should stop conceding our right and duty to think and decide on such questions to the health experts who occupy unelected offices.

Steven Walters: Northern counties send ’don’t visit’ warning

In recent weeks, some northern Wisconsin counties have drawn a COVID-19 line asking visitors to stay away—the opposite of the welcoming and inviting messages they have spent millions of dollars sending over decades—and threatening those that do come.

Dave Zweifel: Fred Risser has always fought for the people of Wisconsin

It's no wonder he's been elected for 64 years. He has stood for what's good about Wisconsin and its people.

Casey Hoff: Marsy’s Law could cause grave damage to constitutional rights in Wisconsin

The television ads urging support for Marsy’s Law to grant equal rights to crime victims may sound reasonable. But a careful review of Marsy’s Law and the grave damage that enacting it could do to every accused citizen’s constitutional rights is anything but reasonable — it is dangerous.

Libby Sobic and Jessica Holmberg: How private and public charter schools are serving their...

All over the state, private and public charter schools are rallying to not only continue to provide educational services, but to care for their community.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Bill Kaplan: Trump downplays coronavirus in Midwest

There are many thousands of coronavirus cases and a rising death toll in the Midwest.
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