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WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Evers’ push to roll back GOP labor law changes

As legislative Republicans take over the budget process, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, gauge Gov. Tony Evers' budget items that trim back the GOP's labor law changes from the past two sessions. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Paul Fanlund: Moderates may truly be the ‘bold’ Democrats

It is primarily the moderate Democrats running for president or politicians from Trump-leaning congressional districts who genuinely are the “bold” politicians. It is they who will dictate whether the Trump nightmare ends next year.

Scott Walker: Why Democrats must go back to school on taxes

The last time the top tax rate was 70 percent was back in the days when President Jimmy Carter talked about a country in a malaise. Now, socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey want to bring that top tax rate back as part of the so-called “Green New Deal.”

Dominique Paul Noth: Wisconsin court blocks Republican power grab

A state judge on March 21 declared illegal the lame duck laws passed in December by the GOP-dominated legislature.

James Wigderson: Dane County judge temporarily strikes down extraordinary session laws

If Wisconsin conservatives needed a reminder of the importance of the courts, they received it Thursday when a Dane County judge issued a temporary injunction blocking the laws passed by the Republican legislature last December in an extraordinary session.

Chris Walker: If Wis. GOP tries to appeal ‘extraordinary session’ ruling, they expose themselves...

The ruling is a "strict constructionist" look at the Constitution.

Bruce Murphy: The arrogance of Robin Vos

The latest: uses taxpayer-funded lawyer to shield him from revealing how he gerrymandered districts.

Scott Coenen: The conservative case for Wisconsin clean energy

It is critical for conservatives to reclaim their seat at the table by advancing forward-thinking, market-driven energy solutions that will create jobs and support a stronger economy while transitioning us to cleaner sources of energy.

Matt Rothschild: It should be ‘case closed’ for Enbridge at state’s high court

On March 26, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is hearing a case that directly concerns the residents of Dane County and also puts a spotlight on the integrity of our highest court. The case is called Enbridge Energy Co., Inc., v. Dane County.

Brian Hagedorn: I make decisions based on the law alone

I pledge to the voters that I will apply the law fairly to everyone, and I will always remember that I am a servant of the law and the people.

Lisa Neubauer: I will keep politics out of the courtroom

We have a chance to return the Wisconsin judiciary, and the Supreme Court, to being a truly independent branch.

John Torinus: UWM finally gets fair share of campus dollars

It seemed like it would never happen as UW-Milwaukee boot-strapped its way over the last two decades toward its destiny as a world-class urban university.

Libby Sobic and Will Flanders: Lessons learned from new federal school report cards

The Department of Public Instruction recently released a second set of report cards for Wisconsin’s public schools that call into question how well the state is serving its most vulnerable students.

Janet Bewley: A fresh start for Wisconsin

Legislators from around the state are proposing new ideas on how to make Wisconsin an even better place to live and work.

Dominique Paul Noth: What’s wrong with everyone?

Columnist Dominique Paul Noth takes stock of the growing Dem presidential field.