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WisOpinion Poll: Will 2018 be a wave year for Wisconsin Democrats?

Dem Patty Schachtner scored an upset special election win in the Republican-leaning 10th SD January 16 as Dems immediately portrayed the victory over GOP Rep. Adam Jarchow as a sign a wave is headed toward Wisconsin this fall.

Paul Fanlund: Latino historian ‘inspired’ by Scott Walker and Donald Trump

Historian Sergio Gonzalez says of Latinos in Wisconsin that “as we continue to organize, our resilience comes from the fact that we’ve been here before.”

Scott Walker: With lowest-ever unemployment rate, Wisconsin leading the way on welfare reform

The unemployment rate in Wisconsin is now the lowest it has been in the history of the state.

Bill Kaplan: Trump shutdown

Trump keeps moving the goal posts. Compromise and negotiation are essential to governing, but anathema to Trump.

James Rowen: Obamacare flip-flop spotlights Walker’s campaign vulnerability

After bashing Obamacare at every turn, and repeatedly turning aside hundreds of millions of federal dollars to expand health coverage in Wisconsin, Walker now wants the feds and state taxpayers to fund a strengthening of Obamacare in Wisconsin with a fresh infusion of $200 million public dollars

David Blaska: Democrats can’t win if they keep whining

The stunner in the 10th SD disproves the Democrats’ whining that the legislative maps drawn after the last Census ensures a Republican majority.

Christian Schneider: Donald Trump’s toxic impact on Wisconsin Republicans has the GOP asking: Donald...

If even a sliver of those wealthy, high-income Republicans uncomfortable with Trump decide to stay home in November, it could remake Wisconsin politics. State conservatives need to change the subject quickly to avoid being linked to Donald Trump.

Ron Johnson: Medicaid spending is a contributing cause of America’s opioid epidemic

Our report does not argue that federal spending is the primary cause of overdose deaths, nor do we deny that it benefits millions of Americans. But our report does provide solid evidence that federal spending is also funding the opioid epidemic that is killing thousands. That is a reality we should not deny.

John Nichols: Scott Walker is undermining democracy

Gov. Scott Walker is deliberately denying Wisconsinites representation in the Legislature by refusing to call special elections to fill open seats in the state Assembly and the state Senate.

Dave Zweifel: Ripping on Madison just the latest Walker divide-and-conquer tactic

It's really sad when a state leader has to run against a city — and a particularly successful one at that — in his own state.

Bruce Murphy: Can Dallet win Supreme Court primary?

Outspoken Madison liberal Tim Burns stands in the judge’s way.

Tom Still: Beloit revival example of how civic-minded patrons can change a town

Thanks to the Hendricks' investments and more from those resources, Beloit has turned a corner on recovering from the loss of factories that once built paper-making machines and diesel engines. Where empty post-industrial buildings stood, a mix of hotels, restaurants, upscale apartments, a performing arts center and mixed retail, commercial and manufacturing space has taken its place.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the new federal tax law

The WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen and Chvala, debate the new federal tax law and how it will affect Sen. Tammy Baldwin and other pols running in 2018. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Rebecca Kleefisch and John Nygren: The next steps against opioid abuse

On the basis of our continuing engagement with citizens across Wisconsin, and with the benefit of The Pew Charitable Trust's expertise, today we are releasing a new set of recommendations to Governor Walker, the Legislature, and the people of our state to address the opioid crisis.

Dave Zweifel: No wonder Norwegians aren’t beating down door to U.S.

Norway has become a country where everyone has health insurance, kids go to college tuition-free and a decent standard of living is enjoyed by all.
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