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WisOpinion Poll: How do you plan to vote in the November general election?

Early in-person voting begins this week in Wisconsin. By which method do you plan to cast your ballot?

Bill Kaplan: Trump rally amid COVID-19 tsunami

Trump ignored Wisconsin’s soaring disease toll, saying the nation is “rounding the corner.”

Dan Shafer: Facing an alarming coronavirus outbreak, Wisconsin is stuck

State leaders are either unwilling or unable to act to combat the spread of the deadly virus as it spirals out of control in Wisconsin.

M.D. Kittle: Madison’s learning lockdown to continue

Doubling down on a half-year of educational failure, the Madison Metropolitan School District plans to continue virtual learning through Jan. 22, 2021.

James Wigderson: Wisconsin falling off the Trump electoral map

One sign that Wisconsin is off the Trump Electoral College map is the comparative spending.

Mike Holmgren: Vote to take President Trump off the field

Donald Trump said he alone could fix the challenges facing our country. But as we’ve seen during these past four years, he’s in over his head — and we’re all paying the price for that. It’s time to take President Trump off the field.

Matt Rothschild: Amy Coney Barrett is not pro-life

She opposes Affordable Care Act and ignores guidelines for masks, social distancing.

Dave Zweifel: WILL props up Wisconsin’s Republican legislators as they rig the playing field

Just how much the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is a nonprofit shill for Wisconsin Republicans was on display again last week in the continued fight against Gov. Tony Evers' mask mandate.

John Nichols: Scott Fitzgerald’s dereliction of duty

Scott Fitzgerald has been a dysfunctional, and frequently destructive, force in Wisconsin’s Legislature.

Jerry and Mary Jo Hanson: Letter in response to Mobley column on COVID-19 measures

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Dear Mr. Mobley: I read your opinions...

Paul Fanlund: Cap Times Idea Fest is not really over

Twenty-five of our one-hour sessions are available to watch, and most will be timely for months, some longer.

Chris Bedford and John Daniel Davidson: Western Wisconsin: Will blue-collar Trump Democrats swing the...

Once solidly Democratic blue-collar communities in western Wisconsin that broke for Trump four years ago could hold the key to this crucial swing state.

Tommy Enright: Reclaiming our democracy

As Wisconsinites, we need to reclaim our democracy, and that starts by engaging—at the ballot box, in the halls of the Capitol, and in our communities.

James Wigderson: Vining claiming credit for laws never passed

In multiple mailings to voters in her district, Vining is claiming credit for the “Pregnancy Protection Act” and the “Healthcare Heroes Act.” The problem is, neither of those were ever passed by the state legislature. One of the “acts” wasn’t even introduced as a bill.

Matt Kussow: The Flagship podcast with Peter Kies, chair of the Badgers United board

On the most recent episode of Badgers United’s podcast, The Flagship, chair of the Badgers United Board, and managing director of Robert W. Baird & Co., Peter Kies discusses the hurdles UW-Madison must overcome due to COVID-19. In particular, the discussion centers on the challenges the university is facing in regard to its finances and the restrictions placed on the various funding streams that support the institution.