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John Torinus: Final Foxconn contract needs tough approach

Every major business decision entails risks. The risks in the Foxconn deal are obvious. That’s why hard bargaining on the front end is called for as the final contract is drafted.

Christian Schneider: Foxconn provides an Epic opportunity

Luring the Taiwanese technology giant to southeastern Wisconsin could have ripple effects throughout the area, modernizing the state's culture and reputation in the same way Epic has done for south central Wisconsin.

Leon D. Young: Anything but sliced bread

Now that the intricacies of deal have become public, it begs the question: Does the Foxconn deal make sense for Wisconsin taxpayers?

Jon Erpenbach: Looking at the Foxconn deal with a Wisconsin perspective

We cannot let the relentless pursuit of jobs take away what makes Wisconsin our home. We can do better.

Spencer Black: Foxconn deal would set terrible precedent on environment

Other companies will demand the same breaks and already GOP legislators are using this legislation as an excuse to repeal these environmental protections statewide.

Bruce Murphy: Right-wing TV news kingdom rising

Sinclair Broadcasting would become dominant player in state’s key media markets.

Dave Zweifel: Army dusting off Cold War playbook sends a chill up the spine

So here we go again, dusting off the Cold War playbook. To paraphrase those Cold War balladeers, Peter, Paul and Mary, when will we ever learn?

Mike McCabe: The taproot of our many problems

The problems vary widely from place to place. But they all grow from the same taproot, a poisoned political culture that glorifies greed, dooming us to a government that works for a wealthy and well-connected few at everyone else’s expense and an economy that benefits a privileged few and leaves so many behind.

Abdur Chowdhury: The hype and the reality of the Foxconn deal

Is this a good investment for Wisconsin? Will it help the working population of the state? In both cases, we see a number of downside risks that need to be dealt with upfront if we want a positive outcome from this investment.

Robert Kraig: Foxconn may be biggest swindle in Wisconsin history

Once you actually dig into the actual numbers, this looks like the biggest swindle in Wisconsin history.
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