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WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the GOP’s dismissal of Evers’ special session on gun violence

With the GOP-controlled Legislature ignoring Gov. Tony Evers' special session call for gun control laws, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider the political...

Paul Fanlund: Satya Rhodes-Conway is the mayor she said she’d be

Back in April, the morning after she was elected, Rhodes-Conway told me she would try to be mayor for everyone, not just her younger progressive base. Half a year later in, with her first budget behind her, she appears to be doing just that.

Dave Zweifel: A tale of two eras of Wisconsin government

"A Toast to Tony Earl" recaptured his long public service, but what was so striking about the event, emceed by former ambassador to Norway Tom Loftus, was its congeniality — Democrats and Republicans, friends and even some old political adversaries gathering together to remember old times when you could disagree but not become an enemy.

Dominique Paul Noth: Envy is driving Wisconsin Democrats

The longing to be Virginia – the state, that is -- is particularly strong in Wisconsin, which on paper has a similar state political setup but little chance of duplicating that Nov. 5 election outcome.

Will Flanders: School report cards: Where all of the schools are above average

Wisconsin is a state, according to the latest report cards, where (almost) everyone is above average. Despite proficiency rates in that hover around 40% in both math and reading, 87% of schools in the state meet or exceed expectations.

Caleb Frostman: DWD works to widen, strengthen Wisconsin’s employment net

We are appreciative of employers recognizing the value of casting a wider net in their workforce recruitment efforts, and DWD will continue its work to widen and strengthen that net for all Wisconsin workers and employers.

Eric Bott: Wisconsin needs licensing laws that work

We at AFP do not believe all credentialing and training are unnecessary, but we do believe that these requirements have to make sense and be effective.

Dave Cieslewicz: Thank you, Scott Fitzgerald

Republicans in the state Senate have so completely rigged the system through gerrymandering and voter suppression that they believe they don’t have to act even on popular proposals or bother to tell the public why. It could be their downfall.

Matt Kittle: Inglorious bastards

Do you remember when Tony Evers vowed to put Wisconsin back on the path of political civility? Any pretense of that pledge died this week when the kinder, gentler liberal told state workers that Republicans are “amoral and stupid” for rejecting Evers’ choice as ag secretary.

Bruce Thompson: The charter school dilemma

They perform better and are supported by most black voters — but opposed by most white Democrats.

Mary Buestrin: Evers seeks to force kids to attend failing schools

Tens of thousands of parents take advantage of Wisconsin’s school choice program in order to provide a better education for their children. If Gov. Tony Evers has his way, though, that choice will be taken away from them.

Dave Zweifel: Who will answer for our climate inaction?

As more Americans experience the effects of climate change, this could well be Trump's Achilles heel — and perhaps even Robin Vos will need to answer to his constituents for his pathetic indifference.

Matt Kittle: What is Evers hiding?

Mainstream media outlets are learning what conservative news organizations have known for some time: The Evers Administration is brazenly breaking Wisconsin’s open record laws.

James Rowen: Jimmy Carter puts Trump, his WI acolytes to shame

The contrasts between Republican and Democratic behavior at the state and national levels are painfully obvious.

Gregory Humphrey: Richard Stengel visits Madison, desires better news consumers

The topics explored by "Information Wars" author Richard Stengel were timely and much in need at a time when forces of illiberal democracy are constantly at work in the nation, and around the globe. The best way to fight back, as Stengel noted, is to be informed and armed with facts.
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