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Mark Schug and Scott Niederjohn: Assembly Bill 195 is a good start for teachers...

In an attempt to address perceived teacher shortages, a bipartisan group of state legislators have introduced a bill that would make it easier for qualified teachers from other states to become licensed in Wisconsin. While there may be as many surpluses in the wide array of teaching disciplines as there are shortages, this bill advances a worthwhile reform.

Bruce Murphy: Why the Journal Sentinel won’t die

And why it may not matter to news readers.

John Nichols: The once common Republican environmentalist is virtually extinct

Our corrupted American elections may well be the greatest environmental threat facing the planet. But if elections pose a threat, they also offer a possibility.

Van Mobley: Trump correct with tariffs on China

Gov. Tony Evers is at best naïve, possibly worse.

Jon Erpenbach: Democrats give Republicans a second chance to expand health care

It is time for us to take action, and join 37 states in expanding health care for our residents. Medicaid is not welfare, it is an investment in Wisconsin and in our health care system.

Andrea Kaminski: Wisconsin legislators must act quickly to pass gun reforms

It’s time for everyone who supports sensible gun policies to put unceasing pressure on their representatives and senators in the state Legislature and Congress to pass these reforms.

Steven Walters: Memo to Capitol leaders on guns

Walters writes a letter to Wisconsin leaders on the state's gun laws.

James Wigderson: Conservatives abuse “racist” term, too

Milwaukee County Supervisor Dan Sebring is understandably annoyed at a mural wrap on a county bus sponsored by the Milwaukee Art Museum. The mural is a student “art” project that is anti-immigration law enforcement. While we should be sympathetic to Sebring's concerns about the insult to law enforcement, the mural is not "racist."

Jay Heck: Democracy in Wisconsin: Back to the future

Some progress on democracy in Wisconsin requires a look to the past.

Casey Hoff: Quintez Cephus acquittal shows dangers of presuming guilt

Although Cephus steadfastly maintained his innocence from day one, Cephus was charged with serious crimes that exposed him to significant prison time, if convicted. Cephus was also suspended from the UW football team and expelled from the university. Cephus’ reputation was trashed, his career was in ruins and his life was effectively destroyed.

Bill Kaplan: Trump and GOP don’t have Wisconsin’s back

Trump and the faltering GOP don’t have Wisconsin’s back. Only a clean Democratic sweep in 2020 will bring change.

Tim Slekar: How to stop the teacher exodus

Test-based accountability has destroyed the profession.

Kelly Ruh: Biden pledges to restart Obama’s war on coal, which will devastate the...

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. During his administration, President Obama started...

Howard Marklein: Delete it!

In an effort to clean-up the statutes, Marklein's bill would remove 19 pages by deleting language associated with seven obsolete tax credits and obsolete Illinois income tax reciprocity criteria.

Bill Lueders: John Nygren’s secret emails

Joint Finance co-chair made it too costly to test his claim of support for GOP budget bill.