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Libby Sobic: National Charter Schools Week a good time to celebrate in Wisconsin

There is clearly a demand for options outside of the traditional public schools from parents across the state.

Bill Feehan: Video exposes actions of La Crosse area legislators

The La Crosse County Republican Party recently shared a WisconsinEye video showing legislators — including Rep. Steve Doyle, D-Onalaska, and Sen. Jennifer Shilling, D-La Crosse — remaining seated during a recent salute to Wisconsin National Guard troops in Madison.

Steve Doyle: Watch the video to see the whole truth

Four times during the ceremony, Republicans and Democrats alike gave our National Guard members standing ovations. Beyond that, there were numerous times we interrupted the speaker with rounds of applause. Unfortunately, there was one moment that the speaker wandered into partisan territory, and Democrats chose not to stand.

Sean M. Marschke: Wisconsin must pass death benefit legislation for families of fallen officers

If we truly “back the badge” – we should support their spouse and children.

Bruce Thompson: The surprising strength of Obamacare

Health exchanges working better than ever, particularly for Trump supporters.

Dave Zweifel: Wisconsin Republicans play politics instead of helping working people with minimum wage...

The Republicans in control of the Wisconsin Legislature have boldly stepped up to let everyone know they plan to continue down the road to turn Wisconsin into a backwater state.

Owen Robinson: Wisconsin’s Legislature begins serious budget work

As the legislative Republicans go about assembling the nuts and bolts of the budget, recent polls show that a majority of Wisconsinites support conservative legislative goals.

James Wigderson: Pro-life groups differ over amendment to abortion survival bill

A proposed amendment to a bill to protect the lives of children who survive attempted abortions is dividing the state’s two pro-life organizations.

Gregory Humphrey: Voters in Colfax, Wisconsin talk about economy

In a front-page New York Times feature from Colfax, reporter Jeremy Peters made clear the race for president in 2020 will be hard fought in a number of counties along the Mississippi River.

Steven Walters: Republicans direct focus at Trump re-election, 2022 auditions

Two first-team players are gone—Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan—but the mission of Wisconsin Republicans meeting this weekend has not changed: Make sure President Trump carries Wisconsin again in 2020.

Howard Marklein: A matter of fairness

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections, under the direction of Governor Tony Evers’ Secretary-Designee, Kevin Carr, recently decided to give a $5 per hour increase to Correctional Officers and other staff in every maximum security prison in Wisconsin – except the Boscobel Prison.

Erin Grunze: Constitutional boundaries need enforcement

Why the Supreme Court should overrule lame duck laws.

John Nichols: Mark Pocan won’t hand Trump blank check for war with Iran

Pocan is raising the alarm on Donald Trump’s ill-advised and dangerous escalation of tensions with Iran.

Matt Kittle: ‘Innovative financing’ or Medicaid bait-and-switch?

It may be legal, but a federal funding transfer program that siphons more Medicaid money for University of Wisconsin Health and the state of Wisconsin looks a lot like a scam on taxpayers.