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Lisa Arkin: Wisconsin passed step therapy reform — now we need the federal government...

I am grateful to U.S. Reps. Mark Pocan, James Sensenbrenner and Ron Kind for cosponsoring the "Safe Step Act," and I urge the rest of the Wisconsin congressional delegation to likewise support this needed protection.

Brett Healy: Is the city of Superior about to repeat Madison’s costly broadband boondoggle?

The push by Superior to build its own municipal fiber infrastructure comes despite plenty of recent examples of local governments wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on similar projects all across the country – like in the City of Madison.

Bruce Murphy: Should Summerfest pay higher rent?

Rent paid to city of Milwaukee for prime lakefront land has barely budged in 20 years.

Dave Zweifel: Wisconsin Republicans show their misplaced priorities

Is it just me, or did things even weirder in the state Capitol these last few days than is usually the case?

Matt Kittle: Shooting down the 80% lie

Gov. Tony Evers and his liberal allies have repeatedly pointed to a Marquette University Law School Poll that showed 80 percent of Wisconsin voters support more gun-restriction laws. Evers and the pollsters apparently haven’t been to the 24th Senate District.

Ryan Owens: Thompson Center Badgercast with UW Law School Dean Margaret Raymond

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens interviews Dean Margaret Raymond, who has served as the Fred W. and Vi Miller Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law School since July 2011.

David Crowley: The people of Wisconsin deserve a voice in our democracy

Twenty-four states have a mechanism that allows their respective citizens to have a direct impact on the laws that govern them. I want to make Wisconsin the 25th.

Bill Lueders: Evers should get religion on open records

Recent statements and foot dragging by governor’s staff raise questions about transparency.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the GOP’s dismissal of Evers’ special session on gun violence

With the GOP-controlled Legislature ignoring Gov. Tony Evers' special session call for gun control laws, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider the political...

Paul Fanlund: Satya Rhodes-Conway is the mayor she said she’d be

Back in April, the morning after she was elected, Rhodes-Conway told me she would try to be mayor for everyone, not just her younger progressive base. Half a year later in, with her first budget behind her, she appears to be doing just that.

Dave Zweifel: A tale of two eras of Wisconsin government

"A Toast to Tony Earl" recaptured his long public service, but what was so striking about the event, emceed by former ambassador to Norway Tom Loftus, was its congeniality — Democrats and Republicans, friends and even some old political adversaries gathering together to remember old times when you could disagree but not become an enemy.

Dominique Paul Noth: Envy is driving Wisconsin Democrats

The longing to be Virginia – the state, that is -- is particularly strong in Wisconsin, which on paper has a similar state political setup but little chance of duplicating that Nov. 5 election outcome.

Will Flanders: School report cards: Where all of the schools are above average

Wisconsin is a state, according to the latest report cards, where (almost) everyone is above average. Despite proficiency rates in that hover around 40% in both math and reading, 87% of schools in the state meet or exceed expectations.

Caleb Frostman: DWD works to widen, strengthen Wisconsin’s employment net

We are appreciative of employers recognizing the value of casting a wider net in their workforce recruitment efforts, and DWD will continue its work to widen and strengthen that net for all Wisconsin workers and employers.

Eric Bott: Wisconsin needs licensing laws that work

We at AFP do not believe all credentialing and training are unnecessary, but we do believe that these requirements have to make sense and be effective.
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