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Ray Allen: Career and technical education in Wisconsin: Looking forward

DWD is excited to continue on the pathway of expanding career education and opportunities for youth. Under Governor Walker, Wisconsin has come a long way, and we're on strong footing to do even more.

Jenni Dye: Decision time for the Wisconsin Supreme Court

It’s important that our courts are beyond reproach and that judges aren’t deciding cases involving large campaign contributors. But that’s not what the rules governing the courts and the conduct of judges say in Wisconsin today.

Jan Uebelherr: Long ordeal to get licensed in Wisconsin frustrates aspiring hair stylist

Cassie Mrotek, a beauty school graduate from Milwaukee, just wants to work but has been thwarted for over a year.
Paul Ryan

Chris Walker: Paul Ryan objects to key CBO claim, but here’s why he’s still...

People will be economically forced into refusing insurance under “TrumpCare” plan.

Leon Young: The dismantling of Obamacare

Mr. Trump has already indicated that he intends to support the new American Health Care Act. But, it remains to be seen what changes the bill will ultimately undergo, or whether Republicans can muster enough support for passage.

Matt Rothschild: Walker would end state property insurance

Local governments then must buy from private insurers, who donated to Walker.

Tamarine Cornelius and Jon Peacock: State near average in taxes, spending

24th in taxes and fees, 25th in spending, latest data shows.

Owen Robinson: The future of education in Wisconsin is on the ballot

Wisconsin has an excellent alternative to just doing the same tired thing and getting the same disappointing results. Lowell Holtz, a selfstyled “Kidservative,” plans a new path for Wisconsin education.

Charlie Sykes: Our illiberal arts

The Oxford Dictionaries still define "liberal" as meaning a willingness “to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.” But it is hard to square that with what has become of liberalism – or more specifically the Liberal Arts – on many university campuses.

Jessica Murphy: For true academic freedom, the time is now

I am optimistic that if Governor Walker's commitment to academic freedom is passed in the biennial budget, university campuses in Wisconsin will once again become a haven for open intellectual discourse.

Dave Zweifel: Donald Trump’s got it all wrong on ‘fake news’

To suggest, as Donald Trump and his perennially angry base do, that thousands of media people get together each morning and decide how to demonize the president is ludicrous on its face.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Clouds gathering over government access

It is only through the ability of citizens and advocates and news organizations to monitor government that democracy remains strong.

Bruce Murphy: The worst governor ever for workers?

Six years later, Gov. Scott Walker’s impact on unions, worker rights and jobs.

James Rowen: The Walker iconography shows polluted water, broken roads, lost jobs

Milwaukee is on the road to a new city flag with up-to-date symbols, and Isthmus offered options for a new state banner, so how about some possible new state symbols that highlight right-wing Republican Gov. and reverse Midas-touch Scott Walker's signature achievements which he could add to his home page and official documents:

Jake Curtis: If Tim Kaine thinks his son’s Trump protest was ‘peaceful,’ what would...

Those known as the ‘resistance’ are fundamentally and potentially irrevocably altering the norms of civil discourse rooted in the First Amendment.
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