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Kevin P. Reilly: What we can learn from America’s Irish immigrants

Are Muslim immigrants more likely to pose a serious threat to America than Irish immigrants were thought to in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th? Not if you asked the American nativists of those days. To them, the Irish then seemed as “other” as Muslims do to some Americans now.

David D. Haynes: In Donald Trump’s ‘real America,’ unrelenting angst

Since the election of Trump, who attracted an outsized amount of support from people who didn’t go to college, this group has been a focus of curiosity. And what we’re finding is that there are major problems in the real America that those of us in “the bubble” don’t know much about.

Brett Healy: No surprise here: MPS blames $12 million less in federal Title I...

Just one problem - Congress changed the law so more federal funding would go to actual services and less to administrative bloat at MPS.

James Wigderson: A constitutional lesson for Democrats

Do Wisconsin Democrats need a class in the state constitution? During the debate over an amendment to eliminate the office of the state treasurer, it certainly seemed that way.

Dave Cieslewicz: Return, sweet boredom

A properly humming civic engine runs quiet. It’s boring. And boring is beautiful.

Chris Taylor: Democrats’ tax proposal helps middle class

Proposal ends Walker’s giveaway to millionaires and gives tax relief to low-income and middle class.

Bruce Murphy: The muzzling of the DNR

Gagged by the Walker administration, its staff no longer provide any information.

Wendy Riemann: Advantageous Advocacy: Two words that must be said: Thank you

We spend a lot of time thinking about what we will SAY in meetings with elected officials. We want our message and our ask to be perfect. However, we should also take note of what we DO in meetings, through our nonverbal messages.

Dave Considine: Medicaid reform would give states the flexibility to cut coverage

Our conservative Congressional leadership should be honest with people. Medicaid reform is an effort to save money at the federal level which will in turn tighten the budgets of states.

Mitch Henck: Health care bill doomed without compromise

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Republicans' health care overhaul.
Paul Ryan

Larry Kudlow: Ryan’s health-care bill is a very good first step

The Paul Ryan health-care bill is a very good first step toward reforming health care. I think the House and Senate GOP can make the Ryan blueprint even better.

Ted Nickel: Self-insurance will save state money without reducing benefits

As part of Gov. Scott Walker’s ongoing effort to generate taxpayer savings through reform, the self-insurance proposal would save taxpayers at least $60 million in the state budget while maintaining the same level of benefits for state employees.

Lena Taylor: Leading on lead

When there’s so much evidence that something as simple as lead is so detrimental to our community’s well-being, our response should be just as simple: get the lead out.

Dave Cieslewicz: College tuition: Work for it!

Why not simply pay students to work their way through college?

Bruce Thompson: Who wins from anti-poverty programs?

In U.S. and Wisconsin, biggest beneficiaries are whites without degrees.
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