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Gregory Humphrey: Should Wisconsin dairy farmers be subsidized for Canadian actions?

I have no grand answers as to how this should be handled. But I think this is a good time to have a sober discussion about the role of government.

Chris Holman: Farmers deserve better

This week, just shy of 100 Wisconsin dairy farmers who produce for Grassland were notified they would need to find somewhere else to sell their milk.

James Rowen: WI Senate OK’s privatization of public groundwater

If the Assembly follows suit, Walker will sign the bill as fast as you can 'check's in the mail,' and people living or fishing or working a small farm nearby or downstream can watch the big users with their high-voile wells hold those withdrawal rights in perpetuity.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Should Wisconsin stop mandating instructional hours?

Gov. Scott Walker’s budget calls for eliminating a state law that mandates a minimum number of hours and days of instruction for students, apparently making Wisconsin the only state without such a law.?

Bruce Thompson: Should Wisconsin reconsider Medicaid expansion?

States that did saw the largest decrease in uninsured.

David D. Haynes: I-94 East-West rebuild should be state’s top priority

Following the expensive rebuilding of the major interchanges at each end of this stretch of freeway — the Marquette and the Zoo (now under construction) — it makes no sense to leave a bottleneck of an outdated freeway between them.

Matt Rothschild: Eight Wisconsin referendums all pass opposing corporate personhood

Yesterday, eight more communities in Wisconsin voted by overwhelming margins that they want to see the U.S. Constitution amended to curb the role of money in politics. Monona had the highest margin, with 91 percent voting in favor.

Mitch Henck: Why conservatives lose in Madison local races

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck shares his two cents on why conservatives have a tough time winning local elections in Madison.

Kevin Binversie: Wisconsin’s road spending hardly being starved

When adjusted for inflation, the state is spending more on roads today in the last two Thompson-era budgets.

Bruce Murphy: Hidden loaded guns and no training

Republican bill to end permits and training for concealed carry is dangerous.

Dave Cieslewicz: Guns, rights and responsibilities

If the Legislature does eventually allow anyone to carry a gun without so much as attending a single training session, they won’t be upholding the Constitution; they’ll just be committing yet another ill-considered, even reckless, act in their endless quest to appease gun extremists.

James Rowen: 3M, in WI — too big and wealthy to fine?

Records indicate that 3M could have easily paid whatever forfeiture Schimel had sought, and should not have been treated by Schimel as it it were a little startup business unfamiliar with Wisconsin rules, procedures and expectations.

James Wigderson: Would Democrats filibuster Gorsuch if Trump was normal?

Are Trump’s erratic behavior and low poll numbers a factor in this fight?

Dave Zweifel: Congrats to Wisconsin — we’re like Arizona now

It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between our politics and what goes on in Arizona nowadays.

Christian Schneider: There really is no escape from America’s liberal politics

From now on, there is no respite for the weary. You can run, but progressive condescension is going to find you. Politics get clicks, and clicks bring revenue. There is no incentive for all this new punditry to be accurate or fair.
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