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M.D. Kittle: Like Kenosha, Evers put politics before people in Union Grove

A state-run veterans nursing home in Racine County is among the more troubled veterans homes in the nation thanks in large part to a stubborn governor who put politics before people once again.

Scott Frostman: Biden doubles down on scapegoats for inflation

What is most disconcerting is that rather than take responsibility for woeful economic policy that has created the worst inflation in decades, the president, his advisors and others still seek a scapegoat.

Dave Zweifel: Oh, say can you see the hypocrisy

Our 10 Wisconsin Republicans were willing to take part in a fraud that would have unconstitutionally disenfranchised millions of voters, including those of their fellow Wisconsin citizens. And now the state GOP chair has the audacity to claim only his party honors the true meaning of the flag.

Dan Shafer: The I-94/Stadium Interchange project is improving. But its future remains uncertain

The public hearing on the billion-dollar mega-project has been pushed back to December — after the election.

Scott Walker: Rebecca Kleefisch has my endorsement for the next governor of Wisconsin

She is a committed conservative who does not back down from a fight.

Iuscely Flores: Tim Michels and the GOP’s racist attacks against immigrants

The Wisconsin Republican Party gets more anti-immigrant day by day. It was true at the Wisconsin Republican Convention last month. And you can see it in Tim Michels’s commercials, one of the leading Republican candidates running for governor.

Louis Jacobson: Governors escaping public’s wrath even as so many others draw ire

State chief executives continue to get high marks from voters even as party leaders, Congress do not.

Matthew Rothschild: Gableman gets what he deserves

Judge Remington cited Gableman for contempt on Friday, and then on Tuesday laid down the hammer.

Bill Lueders: Could sleepy state office nix Wisconsin’s pick for president?

GOP candidate for secretary of state says job gives veto power over presidential election.

David A. Belluck: Wisconsin must do a better job protecting public from toxic groundwater

Wisconsin's groundwater protection standards setting program needs reinvigoration.

Sarah O’Brien: Ziegler, Roggensack should have recused from WMC case

Any well-informed Wisconsin citizen concerned about judicial ethics would question the ability of these two justices to be impartial after such significant financial assistance was given to their campaigns by the lead plaintiff in the case.

M.D. Kittle: Vandals ‘send message’ to conservative women running for office

Charity Barry said filthy vandals aren’t going to dissuade her in her run for congress.

Bruce Thompson: Kyle Rittenhouse and lax gun laws

What is the impact of differing state laws on gun violence?

Dave Zweifel: Teachers are incompetent and can’t be trusted. Let’s give them guns.

Tell me how this makes sense while at the same time the real problem, unfettered access to weapons by virtually any American who has a pulse, is once again ignored.

John Nichols: Now is not the time to lose hope on tackling gun violence

The gun industry relies on a sense of powerlessness to maintain its deadly profiteering. But Americans do not have to accept the lies that justify inaction.
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