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Steven M. Biskupic: Rethinking the evaluation of police shootings

A proposal to enhance public credibility.

Roger Utnehmer: Wisconsin needs a 21st century state Sen. Tiny Krueger

Krueger modeled the ability to foster community, negotiate and compromise with civility and decency.

John Nichols: Rittenhouse trial judge shamed himself and the Wisconsin’s judiciary

Schroeder’s performance was shocking to observers across the country and around the world.

Joe Handrick: Evers’ maps commission suffers series of blunders

The Evers maps are a disaster in nearly every way and by nearly every measure.

Spencer Black: Still time for Dems to turn the tide before 2022 elections

Democrats will have to do a much better job demonstrating to the American people that they are competent at governing.

Ken Wysocky: A welfare spasm to dwarf the Great Society

Progressives ignore past failures, and have no idea how to pay for a 'greater society'

Abbi Debelack: Milwaukee Public Schools approves spending plan for $500 million in federal COVID...

Despite new data which reveals that less than 7% of Milwaukee Public School students are proficient in Math or English Language Arts, the district is proposing to spend millions of the federal COVID aid on new sports complexes and a teacher retreat.

Steven Walters: Juvenile prison costs are skyrocketing

Up 250% to $812,252 per juvenile last year at Copper Lake, up 41% at Lincoln Hills.

Bill Berry: Disease expert Michael Osterholm tells it like it is on COVID

Who do we believe, an epidemiologist with more than 40 years of experience trying to keep people safe from infectious diseases, or the football player?

Bill Kaplan: Wisconsin Democrats have a rural problem

The recent Virginia elections suggest Democrats still struggle mightily in rural America.

Bruce Thompson: What explains the Virginia and New Jersey election results?

Huge increase in Republican turnout. Perhaps ‘critical race theory’ was a factor.

Jeffrey Leverich: Don’t believe the media; the Dems are alright

Don’t believe mainstream interpretations of the gubernatorial election in Virginia.

M.D. Kittle: Evers’ ‘People’s’ redistricting plan gerrymanders 1st District

The commission’s final product would convert the long-time Republican district — a district that has not elected a Democrat to the House since 1993 — Into one much more advantageous for Democrats.

LaKeshia Myers: When lip service is not enough: The white moderate & ‘Midwestern nice’

The process and results of the PMC maps leave a lot to be desired. Absent within the process was a clear understanding of what was needed for majority minority districts—most of which are situated in the city of Milwaukee (due to population and hyper-segregation)—to remain viable.

Dave Zweifel: Madison should consider naming Municipal Building in Soglin’s honor

Paul Soglin has had a profound influence on the city he adopted when he came to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin in the '60s.
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