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Ola Lisowski: The MacIver Institute’s State of K-12 Education: 2020 Edition

Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin students went “back” to school last month, many of them from the comfort of their own homes. That means it is time for MacIver’s annual State of K-12 Education analysis for a year unlike any other.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the status of the presidential race in Wisconsin

As the presidential candidates jockey for Wisconsin votes in November, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, discuss the status of the horse race following multiple candidate visits, ads and polls.

Scott Walker: American greatness will prevail over the forces of darkness

Safety, prosperity and the rule of law are all on the ballot this year, and it shouldn’t be the least bit difficult to decide which side you’re on.

Dave Zweifel: From climate change to COVID-19, Trump creates an alternate reality

Facts have nothing to do with what this president says.

Lena Taylor: Immigrants, documented or not, are American

No matter how people try to ignore or rewrite history, we are a nation of immigrants. It’s just that some immigrants chose to close the door on others, after they arrived.

Dan Shafer: The Recombobulation Area’s state legislative election preview: Part I, the state Senate

Republicans running the State Legislature are failing the test of leadership in a time of crisis. Now, it's time to vote. A closer look at what's at stake and a breakdown of every race on the ballot.

John Torinus: Trump puts GOP on green and gold track

About the time you think that our beleaguered country is so partisan that nothing positive can come out of our capital, along comes a major piece of environmental legislation that shows what is possible if our politicians will holster their six-shooters.

Bruce Thompson: Is COVID-19 winning in Wisconsin?

The data is alarming. As are the many allies of the virus.

Matt Kittle: Mason brothers’ risky Racine COVID test lab

The City of Racine City Hall Annex has been transformed into a laboratory where city employees work with a highly contagious virus that has killed nearly 200,000 people in the U.S. — more than 1,200 in Wisconsin.

Tom Still: Even in fractious times, the need for a vital, secure economy can...

Wisconsin GOP U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, California Democratic U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna and others in Congress have outlined a vision through the Endless Frontier Act. Let’s see if our fractured political times can bring it into sharper focus.

Bruce Murphy: State’s richest get even richer

New Forbes 400 includes eight Wisconsinites, led by John Menard, with Diane Hendricks not far behind.

Cori Petersen: Wisconsin Supreme Court’s injunction on Dane County schools mandate is already helping...

Within two hours of the court's injunction, Abundant Life Christian School announced that all kids will have the opportunity to be back in the school building on Monday,” said Chris Truitt, a parent from DeForest. “We are absolutely thrilled.”

Jay Heck: State DMVs not accessible for photo IDs

In 2016, we saw that inadequate access to photo ID led to barriers to the ballot for thousands of Wisconsinites; particularly for Wisconsinites of color, college students, older voters and people with travel-limiting disabilities. Access is particularly challenging for many people in rural areas, which typically provide limited hours and zero access to public transit. These challenges are all amplified under COVID-19.

Mike Duerst: Tariffs Prove to be a Key Issue for Wisconsin Voters

If the President wants to win reelection, his priority should be to end the trade war and the tariffs that are crushing American businesses and farms.

M.D. Kittle: Evers backs down on outing businesses with COVID cases

Business advocates are breathing a sigh of relief following the threat of public disclosures that could have been a huge liability issue for job creators, and a significant privacy concern for employees.