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Bruce Murphy: Foxconn as high comedy

Tech publication The Verge tries to figure out what Foxconn is actually doing here.

Dave Cieslewicz: Hagedorn debacle argues for avoiding culture wars

The mistake that Democrats seemed to make in this Supreme Court race was that they came out of the gate attacking Hagedorn for being anti-gay. Hagedorn very skillfully reinterpreted that as an attack on his religious beliefs.

Dan O’Donnell: A hundred days of virtue signaling

Devoid of any actual achievement during his first hundred days, Evers has instead settled for giving the appearance of diligence while doing absolutely nothing substantive.

Gregory Humphrey: True colors show at Wisconsin Capitol

Elections have consequences. That is one of the basic understandings students will come to accept as civics is studied in classrooms around the state. But as news stories this week demonstrate some leaders in Madison, who are to work for the people ‘back home’, have forgotten that precept.

Dave Zweifel: Capitalism needs constant saving from itself

History is replete with stories of how some businesses can't be trusted to not let greed and profits get in the way.

Bruce Thompson: What is the future of health care?

Who’s gained the most from ACA and why Medicare for All could be a trap.

Michael Cummins: A sin tax, minus the sin

The E-Cigarette Excise Tax is part of Gov. Tony Evers’ “People’s Budget” proposal. At 71 percent, it would be among the highest vape tax in the country.

Bruce Murphy: Republicans scared of trucking industry?

They oppose fee on trucks that destroy roads, while getting big money from the industry.

James Wigderson: Evers education plan has trouble finding popular support, according to poll

Gov. Tony Evers’ education policies are having trouble winning popular support, according to a new poll released Tuesday by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

Spencer Black: Things are looking up for Wisconsin’s environment

We have a new governor and a new team in charge of the DNR and by all accounts, happier days are ahead for those of us who cherish our Wisconsin outdoors.

LaKeshia Myers: When the “least of these” is you & me

Just as Americans were outraged at the unexplainably slow response to the survivors of Katrina, I have noticed the same has been evident with the rescue and relief effort for Mozambique.

William L. Holahan and Charles O. Kroncke: Wisconsin needs the right mix of capitalism...

Modern capitalism thrives best when government provides essential public goods and services to complement the growth of the private sector.

James Wigderson: Racine mayor gives taxpayers bad information about school choice

City of Racine residents received a flyer with their tax bills in December listing how much of the total property tax bill was being spent on the local technical college, county taxes, city taxes, taxes for the school district, and supposedly the tax bill for funding the Racine Parental Choice Program, the private school voucher program.

Bryan Steil: My first three months in office

After my first three months in Washington, I’ve learned that by cutting through the dysfunction, focusing on solutions and listening to you, I can achieve results for Southeast Wisconsin.

Ashanti Hamilton: Milwaukee’s renewal

In Milwaukee, we are entering a new era of opportunity.