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Howard Marklein: 22 Marklein bills receive votes, 8 move to the governor

The State Senate and the Assembly were both in session this week. Collectively, we considered 236 legislative proposals related to topics that span the...

Robert Kasten: Wisconsin is the heart of the ‘Blue Collar Boom’

If there was one thing that the voters who flipped Wisconsin for Donald Trump in 2016 were hoping for above all else, it would be the "Blue Collar Boom" the president heralded at his State of the Union address.

WisOpinion Poll: Who will win the Wisconsin Supreme Court race?

Conservative Justice Daniel Kelly and liberal Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky advance to the April 7 general election to decide a 10-year term on...

Bruce Murphy: 14 election winners, losers

Beyond the ballot totals, behind the scenes, who were the other election winners and losers?

James Rowen: Karofsky vs. Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court has added importance

A Karofsky win could bode well for Democrats retaking the state from Republicans, and Trump, in November.

Jim Steineke: It’s your money

While Democrats in Madison and around the country are clammoring for ways to spend more and more of your hard-earned money and expand the scope of government, my Republican colleagues are committed to returning this surplus back to where it came – the taxpayer.

Katherine Loughead: Wisconsin considers standard deduction increase, TPP tax reduction

Reducing reliance on TPP taxes would be a pro-growth improvement, and increasing the standard deduction would provide targeted tax relief to low- and middle-income earners.

Dave Cieslewicz: Will Wisconsin matter after all?

It had looked like there would be a presumptive Democratic nominee for president before the Wisconsin presidential primary on April 7. But that might no longer be the case.

Dominique Paul Noth: Can Sanders and Bloomberg share the same party?

Both presidential candidates are leading in national polls, so the February 19 debate also brought the ultimate test of the “big tent” theory of the Democratic Party.

Bruce Thompson: Will school choice help reelect Trump?

Democratic attacks on choice and charter schools favored by minority voters could backfire.

Gregory Humphrey: Bipartisan win coming to Truax Field with F-35s

The much-awaited Environmental Impact Study was released by the United States Air Force on Wednesday and it shows Truax Field is a top choice for the F 35‘s to be placed there come 2023.

Dan O’Donnell: The Supreme Court race comes down to activism vs. principle

Karofsky’s advertisements and Twitter rants are the very essence of judicial activism and illustrate why it is so dangerous. Justice Kelly, on the other hand, has just demonstrated his strict adherence to the rule of law.

Melissa Sargent: A $15 minimum wage will raise up Wisconsin

Wisconsinites deserve comprehensive reform that puts working people first. Increasing the minimum wage in our state will raise up workers and raise up Wisconsin.

Bill Berry: There’s plenty of good work happening in agriculture

There’s something special going on at the nexus of conservation, agriculture and the food supply chain in America, and the rest of us would do well to learn about cooperation and collaboration from those working in that space.

Dave Zweifel: Rush Limbaugh couldn’t be less deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Donald Trump's decision to award Limbaugh the medal in front of a State of the Union audience, no less, disrespects everyone who has been honored by presidents since John F. Kennedy initiated the award in 1963, the year he was assassinated.
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