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Dave Cieslewicz: Pay the players (redux)

While it’s great that UW athletes might be able to appear in the same kinds of commercials that Alvarez does, this is likely only to benefit the star players. The next vital step is to allow the 98 percent of players who will never make it to the pros to get their fair share of those billion dollars in big time college sports revenues. Players should be paid a substantial salary and allowed to form a union.

Bruce Murphy: Summerfest blows off meeting with Milwaukee officials

No festival official attends scheduled meeting. Partnership with city “broken”, Ald. Murphy says.

Eric O’Keefe: Wisconsin should act to save the country

The Wisconsin legislature should apply for a Convention of States so that we, the people, can reassert control over the federal government of the United States. Fifteen states have already taken this step, and it is time for Wisconsin to join.

CJ Szafir and Libby Sobic: Tony Evers dims the lights on open government

Gov. Tony Evers is dimming the lights on open government just 10 months in as governor.

Dave Zweifel: There’s nothing sinister about socialism

Their bottom line is economic equality. It's what they stood for in Milwaukee's heyday, and it's what they stand for today.

Ben Wikler: Early organizing key to restoring democracy in 2020

This time around, we’re not going to simply assume that anyone’s going to turn out for Democrats. We’re going to show up, listen, organize, and make the case for every vote.

James Wigderson: Gerrymander? No problem in Virginia

There is one interpretation of Tuesday's results that should be bipartisan: Gerrymandering is just an excuse for losers.

David Balaska: Y’ mean, T-t-t-trump might still win?

2018 Dem congressional sweep may have been ephemeral.

Charlie Mitchell: State needs to restrict billboards

They degrade Wisconsin scenery and are unnecessary in digital world.

Bruce Murphy: How Hispanics have saved Milwaukee

Acid attack against man for “invasion” of Hispanics couldn’t be more wrong about their impact.

John Torinus: Cross exit opens door for UW transformation

It’s time for a fresh look. The UW Regents need to look outside for the next president.

Jay Miller: The perils of state-run retirement plans

State government needn’t have a hand in the retirement-savings fix; private-sector options already proliferate.

Patrick Baird: Drug test the real welfare queens

As a libertarian, I favor the eventual elimination of publicly funded welfare. But the handful of people that drug testing would ensnare and remove from the rolls is a microscopic drop in the bucket compared to the trillions of dollars of corporate welfare doled out by both the Democrats and Republicans every year – at every level of government.

Keith Moerer: Why I’m focused on Wisconsin in 2020

Flipping Wisconsin is not only important, but achievable, meaning that anyone who participates can play a meaningful role.

Jim Paine: Prevailing wage protects taxpayers and workers

Prevailing wage has long been a tool for municipalities like Superior to ensure citizens get high-quality work on taxpayer funded projects and that the people building public infrastructure get paid fair, living wages consistent with the area standard.
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