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Dan O’Donnell: The forgotten man

So desperate were the outgoing governor and state legislative majority to pass what amounted to a sweetheart deal for some of their biggest political backers that they did what was until then unthinkable—they sprang Jeff Wood from jail so he could vote.

Noah Rothman: The Wisconsin ‘coup’ that wasn’t

The activities of American office-holders after they have been voted out of office have vexed incoming politicians since at least the “Midnight Judges” appointed by John Adams in March of 1801, much to the consternation of President Thomas Jefferson. It’s rough politics—unsavory and often untoward—but it is not unprecedented, and it is not a usurpation of power.

Dee J. Hall: Wisconsin lawmakers embrace secrecy, fast-tracking

One of the trends we identified as part of our Undemocratic: Secrecy and Power vs. The People series for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism was the increased fast-tracking of bills under Gov. Scott Walker.

Tom Loftus: Bipartisanship happens when leaders decide it should happen

Ambassador Tom Loftus, ambassador to Norway, 1993-1998, was the keynote speaker at an event entitled "Statesmanship" Nov. 27 at the Madison Club. It was jointly sponsored by the Wisconsin Education Association Council and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. These are his remarks.

Dave Zweifel: Dec. 7 is right time to reflect on when to go to...

Here we are 17 years later and still bogged down in Afghanistan, even though that day FDR said would live in infamy should have taught us something about picking our fights — that we should know the enemy and how to beat him.

Charlie Sykes: George H.W. Bush and the legacy of the Greatest Generation

Perhaps it is simply human nature that our appreciation often comes too late. Every generation is born ungrateful and our memories are selective and shaded by our own self-regard. But it was the singular misfortune of the Greatest Generation to be succeeded by that most self-absorbed of generations, the Baby Boomers, my own generation.

Dominique Paul Noth: Wisconsin Republicans cementing their reversal of election results

A century ago, Wisconsin was famous for progressive thought. Now the state makes national headlines for its horror stories – Making a Murderer, Slender Man stabbings, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, the state GOP. The last spent painful hours Dec. 4 and 5 joining the horror parade by refusing to accept the results of the Nov. 6 election.

Bruce Thompson: The Republican war against democracy

Details in lame duck bills show disdain for democracy by Vos and Fitzgerald.

Collin Roth: More training and support could result in more disabled workers remaining in...

The central problem with SSDI is that for disabled workers who could reasonably make a return to the labor force through training or rehabilitation, there are few incentives and often not enough support.

James Rowen: Walker’s embrace of secrecy & stealth are fundamentally anti-democratic, anti-Wisconsin

All signs point to Walker signing most if not all of the secretly-crafted 141-page elevation of legislative power awarded to Republican legislators at the expense of the Governorship from which voters ejected him.

Michael W. Wagner: It’s up to the people to save democracy in Wisconsin

If anyone is unsatisfied with the results of an election, the remedy is not to change the rules, it is to try and win the next election.

Owen Robinson: Legislature has a full plate for the holidays

The conservative revolution in Wisconsin has come to an end. Now it is time for Republicans to protect the gains we made.

Gregory Humphrey: High school choir got lesson in democracy at Wisconsin State Capitol

It might seem unfair to some that the students were sidelined by the actions of other citizens who were trying to stop anti-democratic actions in the Legislature. But that is the frothy side of our political process in action.

James Wigderson: Evers appointment refused to recite Pledge of Allegiance

Evers announced Dane County Supervisor Jamie Kuhn will be one of his policy advisors. Kuhn is in her second stint as a county supervisor, after she caused a stir her first time as an office holder when she refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at county board meetings.

Bruce Murphy: Foxconn covets intellectual property rights

Besides $4.1 billion subsidy, it seeks IP rights of students, faculty, other companies.