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Dan O’Donnell: How the Milwaukee justice system’s leniency helped shoot up Water Street

If it wasn’t clear enough already, the mass shooting in downtown Milwaukee’s entertainment district last Friday night should remove any doubt that the biggest contributor to skyrocketing crime rates continues to be the one that should be the easiest to fix: the irresponsible issuing of signature bond or low bail.

Cindy Duchow: Chisholm’s failures creating more violence

Failed D.A. John Chisholm and Mayor Cavalier Johnson have no plans to protect innocent life.

Clarence O. Findley: Findley Foundation at the forefront of our community’s pandemic response

With your support, the Findley Foundation was able to be at the forefront of our community’s pandemic response and played a pivotal role in ensuring our patients continued to be well-served and our staff remained safe.

Dona Palmer: I value life, but also a woman’s right to choose

I don’t know what the influences are on a woman’s full range of spirituality and thinking, but I believe I do not have the right to force a woman to go against her conscience. Abortion may not be the choice I think I’d make, but her decision is not mine to usurp.

Spencer Black: Unpack the U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has been packed with right-wingers in contradiction of constitutional norms, majority opinion and any regard for honest and fair play.

M.D. Kittle: Cronyism charges against Evers agency

Supporting Families Together Association, which has administered the state’s YoungStar program for more than a decade, filed the protest letter after DCF last month signaled its plans to award the contract to New York-based Shine Early Learning.

Dave Cieslewicz: Over the Mnookin

The Regents saw something in Mnookin that they thought was right for the Madison campus. Let’s give her a chance to demonstrate what it is.

Reggie Jackson: Lessons from the Downtown shootings

Residents of Milwaukee cannot hide from our responsibilities.

Matthew Rothschild: Wisconsin false electors on the hot seat

Law Forward filed a lawsuit against the 10 false electors and two attorneys who engaged in a bogus scheme to overturn our votes in the Electoral College.

Terry Falk: Why school funding referendums fail

Why did so many in the state pass while the West Allis referendum failed?

John Torinus: Does Wisconsin need another hospital merger?

One of the scariest economic threats facing the country, the state, companies and households is the out-of-control annual rise in health care costs, and the mergers have proven only to increase costs.

Ruth Conniff: Seizing on tragedy, Republicans seem determined to make things worse

Wisconsin Republicans are preparing for their political convention this weekend by putting out statements seeking to one-up each other in a game of Who’s the Toughest in response to the shootings last Friday night outside the Bucks stadium in Milwaukee.

Reggie Jackson: Buffalo shooter not a lone wolf

How mainstream racial discourse nurtures White domestic terrorists.

Dave Zweifel: 40 million guns sold in last two years. Don’t you feel safer?

The lax rules we have now — supposedly aimed at making us all safer — aren't working at all.

Bruce Murphy: Is Ron Johnson a white supremacist?

He pushed the great replacement theory that influenced the racist mass shooter in Buffalo. Johnson spokeswoman says senator condemns the shooting and that he doesn't support replacement theory.
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