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Owen Robinson: Baldwin to face a tough re-election

Without Obama on the ballot next year, Baldwin is vulnerable to a credible challenge.

Bruce Thompson: Can Milwaukee win the Amazon Challenge?

If a lower cost of living for employees is a key criteria.

Dave Kendall: Moderation is key, especially with politics

The partisan divide shows no signs of changing and the political partisan obsession by Americans continues to grow unhealthily as we take sides in a game that will never have winners

Michael Cummins: Charlie Sykes’ inside account of the right-wing crackup

In early October, Sykes’ ninth book, How the Right Lost Its Mind, will be published by St. Martin’s Press. The book chronicles the bizarre transformation the conservative movement has undergone since Donald Trump declared his candidacy in June 2015. But it’s also a personal story. The conservative movement has been so central to Sykes’ life, and he so central to it, that the book could hardly not be personal.

Kathleen Vinehout: Problems left for the next budget writers

Budgets are about choices. Budget writers this year chose to leave major problems for the next budget writers.

Patrick Testin: State budget makes key investments

This budget is fair to the people of Central and Western Wisconsin; it meets our needs today, and lays the groundwork to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Rebecca Kleefisch: Investing in all our workers, including our inmates

Just like we need police officers to keep us safe, we can also improve the security of our communities by giving our inmates the training that leads to good, well-paying jobs.

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s health secretary is undercutting Americans’ health

The problems that the Obamacare insurance exchanges have been facing in some states are a direct result of the uncertainty that the Trump administration has purposely created to undermine them. Some might call it sabotage.

Christian Schneider: Tony Evers would take Wisconsin backward on teacher discipline

In Evers' Wisconsin, unions would continue to rule public education, forcing contracts on districts that make it nearly impossible to fire teachers for misconduct.

Steven Walters: Mr. Gou – your turn

An open letter to the chairman of Foxconn.
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