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Dan O’Donnell: Want to find vote fraud? Look no further than nursing homes

By ignoring the plain letter of state law requiring trained deputies to administer elections in nursing homes and care facilities, the Wisconsin Elections Commission made preying upon this state’s most vulnerable even easier.

Spencer Black: Donald Trump, the tin pot dictator

Donald Trump is still refusing to accept the peaceful transfer of power.

Bruce Murphy: Right-wing vs left-wing lawyers

WILL has more funding, more staff, more Harvard. Can a new liberal law group compete?

Marsha M. Mansfield: Change arrest, conviction laws to make hiring fairer

How we treat people with arrest and conviction records gets to the heart of who we want to be as individuals and a society.

Dave Zweifel: On Nov. 3, Wisconsin voters foiled the real cheaters

When people foil the vote suppressors, as Wisconsin citizens did on Nov. 3, the real cheaters lose.

Nicole Safar: Time to move forward together

The people have spoken, and now our government must deliver on their demands. The campaigning and voting is over, and it’s time for the governing to begin.

Fred Kessler: How to draw fair maps in Wisconsin

Drawing maps with an emphasis on promoting partisan competition, and the consensus-focused politics it yields, would do more than make the Legislature more responsive to Wisconsin’s challenges. Equally important, it would achieve citizen confidence in the process and affirm that democracy exists at the state level.

James Wigderson: Unions, not COVID-19, determine whether schools will be open, according to study

The study found unionization and politics were more important to the decision to close the schools.

M.D. Kittle: Evers rolls out hefty COVID relief package

Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday released his COVID-19 “relief package” with a half-billion-dollar-plus price tag that would be mainly born by state taxpayers.

Bruce Murphy: Are parties realigning in Wisconsin?

Lots of new votes for both parties in election. What does it mean for the future?

John Nichols: Wisconsin’s Native voters provided a vital boost for Biden and Harris

Like a number of other predominantly Native American counties nationwide, Menominee voted overwhelmingly for the Democrats this year — as did precincts with substantial Native populations in other northern Wisconsin counties that backed Biden and Harris, such as Ashland, Bayfield and Douglas.

M.D. Kittle: Could Andrea Palm be the next federal health secretary?

Conservative senators long urging leadership to schedule a confirmation hearing and send Wisconsin's controversial health czar packing may not get the chance.

Jessie Opoien: Donald Trump has shown again and again that he just doesn’t care...

First lady Melania Trump’s infamous jacket has supplied the de facto slogan for her husband’s administration.

Sean Wilson: Death by inaction: COVID in prisons

We must demand that the governor and Department of Corrections save the lives of the people who are in their care by using the powers at their disposal to stop the pandemic inside prison walls.

Terry Falk: Hybrid education may not work

Some experts say half-virtual, half-in-person classes may actually be worse at spreading COVID-19.
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