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Bruce Murphy: WTMJ move threatens liberal talk station

But without the FM translator, Mike Crute's "Resistance Radio" station will likely have a smaller audience and less value in the marketplace.

Dom Noth: Trump’s simple solution to health care

The repeal-replace rhetoric was absurd with Obama in office and it remains a bigger absurdity today as the ACA has taken hold and helped far more Americans than claim damage despite the drumbeat of GOP ads.

Mac Davis: Justice David Prosser’s article on the transportation fund

There are at least three clear major reasons that Wisconsin should not raise the gas tax at this time.

Mike Nichols: Look down the road in transportation funding debate

Legislators and the governor need to give themselves another option and seek permission from the federal government to toll in future years.

Jennifer Shilling: GOP health care repeal still cruel

The latest version of TrumpCare continues to favor these special interests by cutting taxes for the wealthy, raising out-of-pocket costs on working families and making huge cuts to Medicaid.

James Rowen: Loss of Talgo train hurts Foxconn deal

Amazing how many good ideas and solid public services these anti-transit Republicans have derailed.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: $1 million donated to Walker-led group

Ten Wisconsin donors contributed more than $1 million to a group headed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker that raises unlimited amounts of cash from special interests to elect GOP candidates for governor nationwide.

David Prosser: A conservative case for a gas tax hike

A person who is happily retired from public office has a lot more freedom to suggest solutions than officials who are still in the arena. Here are my unpleasant but honest suggestions.

Jeff Simpson: No lessons learned

We need to stop pretending the Political establishment is most qualified to lead us.

Michael Cummins: The cheese ain’t cutting it

In the economy of the next few decades, merely holding on to Wisconsin natives will not suffice. We need lots of people, especially younger people, to start moving to our fair state permanently (and not just to Madison).
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