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James Wigderson: Dallet days ahead

Dallet still has a confused idea of what the Supreme Court does in Wisconsin. She called for more immigration and less incarceration of criminals. Apparently she thinks the Court controls border security and whether or not someone commits a crime.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss President Trump’s trade war

The WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen & Chvala, analyze how President Trump's trade war is affecting his supporters in Wisconsin. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.

Paul Fanlund: Why the religious right drowns out the religious left

Conservatives have leveraged religion since the 1980s as an effective political hammer — remember the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition? So where have liberal faith leaders been and why do their communities pale as a political force?

Christian Schneider: Dems gave Evers a pass and played right into Walker’s hands

Maybe one-third of Democrats will show up at the polls and vote for a candidate with little name identification who has spent very little money. But all the signs point to Tony Evers, and if he ends up victorious, his fellow candidates have only themselves to blame.

Rebecca Blank: Busting myths about UW-Madison

We often get people who believe far fewer than half of our Wisconsin applicants are accepted at UW-Madison. In reality, we’ve been accepting about two-thirds of Wisconsin applicants for many years.

Bruce Thompson: The trouble with freedom indices

Assumption that government spending reduces freedom limits the ability to assess government programs.

Charlie Sykes: What will Paul Ryan’s legacy be?

Jim Swift and Haley Byrd join host Charlie Sykes to discuss the special election in Ohio 12, the Chris Collins arrest, and Paul Ryan and his legacy.

James Rowen: ‘No-prison-visit-Walker’ is a man without curiosity. That’s disturbing.

So Walker has no interest in seeing the inside of any of the state facilities where record-breaking numbers of citizens are incarcerated at the cost of a billion taxpayer dollars a year, and where thousands of state citizens work in a system where he's at the top of the organization chart.

Bill Berry: Renewable Fuel Standard is a well-intended law gone awry

There’s trouble in farmland: low prices, Trump tariffs, the continued loss of small and medium dairy farms. Despite these concerns, Wisconsin farmers are growing about 4 million acres of corn and more than 2 million acres of soybeans this year. That’s in part because farmers are long on hope. It’s also because of government programs that mitigate loss and encourage production.

Paul Smith: Nothing about CWD management is easy, but Wednesday’s action is an important...

The Natural Resources Board on Wednesday passed an emergency rule that will change the way many Wisconsin deer farms do business and the way many hunters handle their kills.

Christian Schneider: Wisconsin’s GOP Senate candidates could show ‘strength’ by standing up to Trump

Naturally, both candidates are in a difficult position — Trumpism has thoroughly overrun the Republican Party, and opposing him on the wrong issue could be costly in a GOP primary. But “strength” isn’t demonstrated by how exuberantly one can suck up to party leaders — it’s proven by standing up to those very leaders.

Dave Zweifel: GOP has no cred when it comes to the deficit

Supply-siders now led by Trump enacted tax cuts they claimed, once again, would grow federal revenues. Instead, they are sure to add yet another trillion dollars to the national debt in the next few years.

Richard Chandler: Sales tax holiday and child sales tax rebate continue efforts to reduce...

The Child Sales Tax Rebate and the sales tax holiday continue our ongoing efforts to reduce taxes on Wisconsin citizens, and we'll look for more opportunities to make progress in the future.

Robert Kraig: An appeal for progressive unity in Wisconsin governor’s race

As the primary election nears, I find myself worried about progressive disunity, and the threat that it could help deliver a third term to Scott Walker.

Dominique Paul Noth: Laughter and apprehension as Wisconsin’s Walker seeks third term

As he seeks a third term as Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker’s campaign strategy has evoked laughter and apprehension – laughter because he is so shamelessly contradicts his own past in seeking to make nice with the progressive forces lined up against him, yet apprehension because his 10-1 money advantage and slippery history raise worries he can deceive enough voters with another change of skin.
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