Vicki McKenna: Anatomy of a smear–David Clarke edition

Clarke obviously intended to deceive exactly no one. He cites his sources abundantly and clearly in his thesis.

Dominique Paul Noth: Why Trump looks better from a distance

Halfway through his foreign barnstorming, President Trump has presented a calmer, more rational and reassuring face than his US charges have ever seen up-close and constant.

James Rowen: We like suburban segregation

Governments have long enabled metro area's biases.

Chris Taylor et al: Best practices on use of force will make us all...

Our Safe Communities Act contains two critical pieces — uniform, core principles regarding when force is used that have been recommended by law enforcement, and an updated annual training standard that includes use of force options, emphasizing de-escalation.

Marc Eisen: Stop warehousing the poor

Any discussion of poverty in Milwaukee has been stunted by the decades-old battle that pits powerful conservative advocates of school vouchers against the once powerful liberal defenders of public education.

Mike Ervin: Scott Walker’s insulting and degrading attack on the poor

Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, believes that citizens of his state who use public services should have to submit to drug testing. And anyone who refuses to be tested should be turned away.

LaTonya Johnson: Minnesota’s Dayton takes a hopeful stand against Wisconsin’s Walker

Dayton opposes preempting local sick pay ordinances.

Scott Walker: Budget ensures Wisconsin remains a top 10 state

Our budget helps to build a strong workforce by investing in student success. We reform welfare to reward work. And we make government more accountable so we can continue to lower the tax burden on our hard-working taxpayers.

Jerry Bader: In support of lower pump prices

Millions of Wisconsinites fill their gas tanks each day, blissfully unaware that the cost per gallon they pay is artificially inflated by state law.

Laurie Fischer: Yes, but who is going to milk the cows?

If dairy producers cannot find the labor they need, our nation must either import workers or import dairy products from foreign countries.
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