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Paul Fanlund: Will the crowded Democratic field impede efforts to beat Scott Walker?

The sprawling Democratic field for governor and the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team have something in common this winter — both are causing angst.

Dave Cieslewicz: Reversing the politics of anger

We need a governor who will reestablish the norms of our democracy.

Dave Zweifel: Big money wins again at the state Capitol

While a majority of legislators have professed support for a bill that would close the so-called "dark store loophole," when the time came to make sure the bill would pass this legislative session, all but one Republican voted against bringing it to the floor.

Natalie Goodnow: Why Foster Forward is needed

New study confirms link between opioid usage and increase in kids in foster care.

Ann S. Jacobs: The Senate’s Saturday Night Massacre

Its attempt to fire the bipartisan head of state Elections Commission is clearly illegal.

Robert Poole and Mike Nichols: Why toll roads are Wisconsin’s only realistic solution to...

Revenue from gas taxes will slowly disappear in the years to come. More debt is not the answer either. Over 20% of all transportation fund revenues are already used for debt service rather than improving our roads. All told, we spend over half a billion per year just servicing transportation-related debt.

Wisconsin Supreme Court race: Partisanship has been troubling

Partisan politics is alive and well in the race for the next justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. And that is deeply troubling, though not surprising in these hyper-partisan times.

Bill Wineke: The last thing we need is a military parade

We don’t do military parades. Mussolini did military parades. We have the best and most expensive military ever assembled. We don’t have to prove it. Our foes know all about it.

Dominique Paul Noth: Abele uses money to sell disputes as personal – and media...

It remains an open question which factors really led Abele to abandon the idea of putting parking meters in public parks. He has often stuck to his guns regardless of public opinion. And here comes another bill he’s pushing in Madison mainly designed to increase his powers and stick it to the county board.

Bruce Murphy: The mystery of Flynn vs Regan

Is the Milwaukee Police chief or his Fire-Police boss guilty of official misconduct?

Tim Burns: We need a high court that stands up for regular people

The courts are the final authority in this country, and ours has been looking out for special interests, instead of standing up for regular people.

Rebecca Dallet: We need to fix our broken Wisconsin Supreme Court

What we need to do is fix our broken Wisconsin Supreme Court. Big-money special interests have taken over. Justices refuse to recuse themselves even when their donors — who’ve given massive amounts of money — want the court to rule a certain way. They’ve even closed administrative meetings so they can do more of their business out of the public’s view.

Michael Screnock: We need fair and impartial judiciary, not activist judges

Judges are not legislators, nor are we executives. Our job as judges is to interpret and apply the law, based not on our personal or political beliefs, but by relying on statutes and the Constitution. Simply put, our job is to be arbiters of the law, not policy analysts or political activists.

George Mitchell: The rule of law is on trial next week

Liberals who want to legislate from the Wisconsin Supreme Court hope to advance that agenda at the April 4 general election. They’ll get their wish even sooner if conservatives don’t get off their butts on February 20.

Matthew Rothchild: How big money can pollute Wisconsin Supreme Court races more than ever

Big money can now pollute Wisconsin Supreme Court races more than ever before thanks to the GOP-dominated legislature, which recklessly rewrote our campaign finance law in 2015.
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