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Jonathan Brostoff: Lessons of the pandemic

It’s exposed weaknesses in Wisconsin that legislators must address after the crisis ends.

James Wigderson: Gallagher says we’re fighting blind without more testing

As Congress debates a coronavirus stimulus package, a Wisconsin Congressman is looking ahead to what needs to be done to combat the spread of the virus while also restoring our economy.

John Nichols: Madison machinists are working 24/7 to build life-saving ventilators

Every ventilator we get off the end of our line and out of our building is saving a life,” said Trevar Smedal, who works at Madison’s GE Datex-Ohmeda manufacturing plant, where production has ramped up and shifts have been added so that assembly of the life-saving equipment can continue around the clock.

Julie Grace: Wisconsin’s military licensing reciprocity law a model for broader reform

Arizona, Pennsylvania paved way for full licensure recognition.

Chris Ott: How to prevent Wisconsin jails, prisons from becoming coronavirus hot zones

There are steps state and local officials can take right now to mitigate this threat.

Bruce Murphy: Will Legislature delay election?

Life-and-death issue poses the most danger for Milwaukee. Only the Legislature can act.

Mike Gallagher: Politicians, fight coronavirus in these two ways — stop fundraising and donate...

Put a moratorium on all political fundraising while this pandemic is ravaging our communities. And to go one step further, take existing campaign funds and donate them to charitable organizations helping with the response efforts.

James Wigderson: Milwaukee police shut down protest outside abortion clinic

The incident raises First Amendment questions about Evers’ emergency order to stay home and the enforcement of the order.

Dan O’Donnell: A crisis of leadership

Evers’ shutdown order debacle demonstrates once again that he is simply not up to the task of leading Wisconsin.

Mike Gallagher: Wisconsin can cancel the apocalypse

Wisconsin can and must defeat this disease without defeating ourselves.

Louis Jacobson & Amy Sherman: Will COVID-19 force a massive absentee vote in November...

The coronavirus pandemic has raised the possibility that voting in person could be unsafe by the time of the general election in November. Mail balloting could be a solution.

John Nichols: Mark Pocan has a plan to save your job

Pocan is proposing practical and visionary responses to the COVID-19 economic crisis. For the sake of workers and small businesses, let’s hope he succeeds on both fronts.

John Torinus: Dealing with a double-edged sword: pandemic, economic depression

To dull the damage, massive government intervention is required on the scale of our mobilization for World War II. Unprecedented American resources, public and private, will be required to control the medical convulsion from the Coronavirus pandemic, but also to head off a depression.

Linda Garcia Barnard & Matt Rothschild: We need paid sick leave now

Most of the many workers laid off have no paid leave. This is a crisis.

Bonnie Margulis and Charles Cohen: Census 2020: If you’re not counted, you don’t count

In the 2010 Census, Wisconsin had the highest percentage of completed Census forms per household in the nation. Let’s keep it up. Get counted, be visible, and get the services you need.
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