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Tom Still: Federal rules on data privacy make more sense than state-by-state laws

Enduring data privacy relies in part on consumers thinking through their own online habits, as well as companies adopting a culture of respect for the identifiable data they collect. It also makes sense to have national rules that encourage continued innovation while protecting people in whatever state they call home.

Bruce Murphy: Why a voter purge is so critical

The goal is to reelect Trump. Even if that means purging some Republican voters, too.

M.D. Kittle: Transportation funding need or greed?

The trough feeders of transportation will always plead poverty. But if DOT offered $1.4 billion in one-time grant money, chances are there would be billions of dollars in “urgently needed” requests.

Terry Falk: The rationale for MPS referendum

Despite scare stories, ballot initiative asks for annual funding increase of $87 million, not $640 million.

Dave Cieslewicz: What this moderate believes

I find myself at odds with the activist wings of each party, which puts me in a sort of no man’s land in the middle. Call me a moderate.

Don Vruwink: Let your kids rise or fall as a team

There are so many positives about all levels of sports. They teach hard work, teamwork, competition and good sportsmanship. They create bonds with teammates that can last a lifetime.

Scott Fitzgerald: Legislature should continue to focus on keeping taxes low

The nonpartisan Wisconsin Policy Forum published a report that noted that the tax burden Wisconsinites face has hit the lowest level in at least fifty years.

Bill Osmulski: Why property taxes always go up in Wisconsin

Loopholes and exceptions in Wisconsin’s property tax law ensure tax bills always go up despite levy limits and other political fixes.

Chris Larson: Wisconsin needs automatic voter registration

When politicians change the rules to avoid the people, then it is time to change the system. One smart and simple way to do that in Wisconsin is by implementing automatic voter registration.

Gae Magnafici: Steps forward on the road to ending drug addiction

The battle against addiction in our communities is one that we will fight for years to come.

John Nichols: Mark Pocan keeps faith with the Constitution

Pocan is hoping that the House and the Senate will do more to restore a proper balance to decisions about war and peace.

Casey Hoff: Protecting the innocent, supporting #MeToo not mutually exclusive

The #MeToo movement is a very important one that is long overdue for far too many people who have suffered from sexual assault and sexual harassment. No reasonable person would dispute that those who have committed such acts must be held accountable. But what is also becoming increasingly concerning to many is the ease with which some activists seem to dismiss the due process rights of those accused of wrongdoing.

Dave Zweifel: GOP rule made Wisconsin a ‘ho-hum state’

We live in what I call a ho-hum state. Our big businesses get most of what they want — more loopholes, lax regulation, income tax credits. As a result, we've fallen from the days we were once called a "shining star" among state governments to just another member of the pack.

James Wigderson: The GOP’s language barrier

English is not only the dominant language here in the United States, but it is used around the world. It doesn't need the protection of "official" status.

Bill Kaplan: Bipartisan Medicaid expansion in Kansas

The bipartisan Kansas Medicaid expansion compromise offers Wisconsin a way forward.
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