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[Madison, Wis.] — Governor Scott Walker traveled across Wisconsin this week to discuss how Foxconn’s historic investment will spur statewide economic growth, support suppliers and other businesses, and bring improvements to healthcare technologies.

The project will create up to 45,000 jobs, including direct, construction, indirect and induced jobs, and will engage some 150 suppliers to sustain the Foxconn ecosystem. The transformational investment comes as a result of Governor Walker’s bold reforms, which have more people working than ever before and Wisconsin ranked as a top 10 state for business.

Check out what they’re saying below:

From the Wisconsin State Journal: “Walker said the liquid-crystal display panels Foxconn says it wants to make in Wisconsin could be used to improve how surgeries and other procedures are conducted. … ’We think there’s incredible application when it comes to the health care here in the state of Wisconsin, particularly to have someone manufacturing that right here in our own state,’ Walker said.”

From the WKBT-TV La Crosse: “’That’s why we’re creating a new supply chain marketplace to harness all the different companies that are here, as well as all the others that might start up out of businesses and even out of graduates from the UW system and other colleges and universities,’ said Governor Walker. Governor Walker also says an analysis from the University of Wisconsin shows the Foxconn plant is expected to create four dollars for every state tax dollar invested.”

From the Fox6 News: “Walker calls it a ‘remarkable opportunity’ to keep college graduates in Wisconsin. He says it will also help startups and existing businesses that could become part of the Taiwan-based electronics company’s supply chain.”

From the WBAY Green Bay: “New North, a company based in Northeast Wisconsin, tells Action 2 News that suppliers are interested in working with Foxconn. ‘A lot of suppliers have certainly heard the news and know that this is a very substantial development for the state, so they’re certainly on board to try to be suppliers to the company as well,’ says Connie Loden, Senior Project Manager, New North.”

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