Contact: Alderman Mark A. Borkowski
(414) 286-3768

Statement of Alderman Mark A. Borkowski:

Mayor Barrett’s proposed 2018 city budget includes deep cuts to the Milwaukee Fire Department and the Milwaukee Police Department. How deep? He is proposing the elimination of more than six dozen firefighters and nearly three dozen police officer positions.

At a time when we are seeing tragic fires taking the lives of children, a rampant opioid and heroin epidemic, carjackings, out-of-control reckless driving, freeway shootings, armed robberies, car thefts and burglaries, a burgeoning prostitution problem and other safety issues, the mayor’s cuts MAKE NO SENSE.

Additionally, slow response times for police calls for service are an almost daily source of calls to my office from angry constituents (and are fodder for possible lawsuits). Taking action that could lengthen police response times isn’t something I’m looking to do anytime soon.

I will not be supporting those proposed cuts, as the mayor is opting for amputation when what’s needed is restorative surgery!

Budget work is difficult sledding but I will be looking at doing what’s needed to keep our citizens safe, period.

In my view hacking away at our staff levels in the police and fire departments – at this moment in our history – is simply nonsensical.

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