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Superintendent Driver has not endorsed any candidate

The following statement was shared with the Leaders for a Better Community and School Board Candidate Jonatan Zuñiga, requesting that materials from the campaign that feature Dr. Driver no longer be used.

While Dr. Driver looks forward to working with all community members to improve outcomes for MPS students, she has not endorsed any candidate.


Dear Leaders for a Better Community/Candidate Zuñiga,

While we appreciate your support of Dr. Driver’s agenda, we have been made aware that some of the material being used by your campaign features images of Dr. Driver. We must insist that you refrain from the continued use of Dr. Driver’s image and likeness.

Dr. Driver does not endorse candidates running for political office. Please inform us when Dr. Driver’s image and likeness have been removed from all print and electronic campaign materials. We request a response within 24 hours and expect that all likenesses of Dr. Driver will be removed from all campaign materials no later than 48 hours from receipt of this communication.

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