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MADISON (March 28, 2017): In a hearing today, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) encouraged lawmakers to support Senate and Assembly Joint Resolution 21, calling for a convention of the states for the purpose of enacting a balanced federal budget.

“Small business owners in Wisconsin have no choice but to adhere to their budgets year after year but for some reason, Congress is under the impression that instead of budgeting, they can increase taxes or print more money. The time has come for lawmakers to learn to budget the same way our hard working members have to,” according to Bill G. Smith, NFIB Wisconsin State Director. “We are fortunate that here at home our state budget is not only balanced but includes a surplus. Imagine the impact nationally if lawmakers could achieve the same thing in Washington D.C.”

The joint resolution authorizes state delegates to attend a limited convention of the states, as authorized by Article V of the U.S. Constitution, solely for the purpose of proposing a federal balanced budget amendment. NFIB members in Wisconsin overwhelmingly support the measure according to Smith.

“Our ballot results for this year showed that over 70% of our respondents support the convening of the convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution to require a balanced federal budget. Just a few more states are necessary to trigger the convention, and with this passage, Wisconsin will join our friends in other state’s that prioritize sound budgeting practices,” continued Smith. “The antiquated tradition of Congress seeking to spend more federal dollars by either raising taxes or borrowing from the future must come to an end.”

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