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MADISON, Wis. – Carjackings are continuing to affect the quality of life for innocent Wisconsinites and State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, R-New Berlin, is calling for the Wisconsin state legislature to pass the Victim Prevention Package. 

“Carjacking is not just an issue in southeastern Wisconsin, it’s happening across the entire state,” said Sanfelippo. “How many more innocent citizens need to be victimized before we decide to do something about it?”

A mother in La Crosse was recently carjacked with her two small children in the vehicle, and recently in Milwaukee, an 18-year-old Milwaukee man charged with 11 felonies in string of carjackings. 

Sanfelippo said, “The Victim Prevention Package  was introduced back in February. It’s time for the legislature to pass this package of legislation to help prevent more innocent citizens from being victimized by criminals who continue to cycle through our criminal justice system.”

The Victim Prevention Package is aimed at keeping habitual criminals off the streets and includes 2017 Assembly Bills 87 – 94 and Senate Bills 52 – 59.

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