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Madison, Wisconsin – Representative Lisa Subeck (D – Madison) released the following statement in advance of today’s Assembly floor session. Today is expected to be the last time the Assembly meets in 2017.

“Under the leadership of the Trump-Walker administration, Republicans have made 2017 the year of the hand-out to corporations, billionaires, and special interests. As if writing a $3 billion check to Foxconn, a foreign corporation with a dubious track record, was not enough, they paved over laws protecting our clean air, water, and land at the behest of Foxconn, mining companies, and wealthy property owners. Lest the average billionaire feel left out, the 2017 Republican budget was lined with tax breaks for the wealthy.
When not catering to the whims of the wealthy in 2017, Republicans have focused on an extreme social agenda that pleases their special interest campaign donors by taking swipes at access to abortion and birth control, rolling back gun safety laws that keep our communities safe, and taking money from our neighborhood schools to send it to unaccountable voucher schools.
Republicans have failed to address stagnant wages and have ignored access to health care, education, and jobs. Tuesday night’s election results made it crystal clear that the country has rejected the Trump-Walker agenda, and the people of Wisconsin have done the same. It is a mystery why legislative Republicans continue down the path of Trump-Walker, ignoring the voice of the average Wisconsinite.
Democrats remain focused on investing in Wisconsin and its people. We will continue fighting for a fair economy that works for everyone – not just those at the top, investing in our future by providing strong educational opportunities, and strengthening our local communities to ensure hardworking Wisconsin families can achieve their dreams.”
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