RightWisconsin: Welcomes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Wisconsin

Contact: James Wigderson
Editor, RightWisconsin

RightWisconsin, the first read for Wisconsin’s conservatives every day, congratulates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on finding Wisconsin on the map and coming to Milwaukee today to sell some books. It’s amazing that a seasoned world traveller like Clinton took longer than Columbus sailed the Atlantic for her to find Wisconsin, but we’re glad she’s here.

In an editorial today, we said it would not be appropriate to say Clinton is returning to the scene of the crime.

We would joke that she’s returning to the scene of the crime, except that would mean she was actually here before, and there are actually so many locales that could be considered crime scenes in her wake, like the State Department’s information technology office.

We also answered Clinton’s question, “What Happened?”

The real answer, of course, is that Clinton was the one candidate that could unite a political party to win an election. It turns out that party was the Republican Party, and even many who considered themselves “Never Trump” voted for him in the end.

We even explain the “bust out” at the Democratic National Committee, in case journalists covering Clinton are still confused what happened.

A bust out is when a business gets so in debt to the Mafia that it takes over. Then, like locusts, the Mafia robs the place of any assets, runs up the business’ bills to steal even more, and then the Mafia torches the place. The DNC was in debt going into the last election cycle and the Clintons took over, completely running its fundraising and organizing operations for their own purposes.

You can read the entire editorial at the RightWisconsin website.