MADISON, WI – Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) offered the weekly Democratic radio address today.

The audio file of this week’s address can be found here:

A written transcript of the address is below:

“Hello, this is Senator Jennifer Shilling.

“From transportation project delays to school funding shortfalls, the Republican dysfunction in Madison is affecting local jobs and driving up costs for taxpayers.

“For months, Gov. Walker and Legislative Republicans have refused to pass a budget that prioritizes community schools and fixes Wisconsin’s transportation deficit. Instead, they’ve continued to push more tax breaks for the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of our working families and seniors.

“As a result of these misplaced priorities, Wisconsin is now one of only two states in the entire country that doesn’t have a new budget in place – and local communities are paying the price.

“Transportation delays are driving up project costs, and Wisconsin schools, already hurting from years of Republican budget cuts, are being hit once again.

“For our students to have the best opportunity for economic success, school districts need the ability to hire teachers, train staff and purchase classroom materials. For businesses and working families to get ahead, we need safe and reliable roads and bridges.

“Given Wisconsin’s lagging economy and stagnant family wages, we need to strengthen local communities, grow our middle class and invest in quality schools.

“Democrats remain committed to reaching these goals and creating a better future for all Wisconsin residents – but progress can’t be made as long as Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans continue to ignore their responsibilities and put special interests ahead of Wisconsin families.”

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