Inaugural diary: On to the concert

By Van Mobley

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We slept late Thursday and my wife Susan kept on sleeping when I got up, threw on some clothes, and went out looking for a Starbucks. I procured the coffee, brought it back up to Susan, who was getting ready for the day, and then went back out for a rendezvous with a reporter for an “off the record” interview.

I picked her brain, she picked my brain, and neither one of us cared. We were getting our share.

When that was done I went back to the hotel, collected Susan, and we went down to the welcome concert. We had great seats! And it was a great event.

I met a guy who said he worked for Mr. Trump and he had some great insights about the Wisconsin Trump campaign. I was fascinated because I thought I already knew everything (having played such an integral role). But who knew? It just goes to show that it pays to be humble and keep an open mind. Who knows what you will learn?

I also met a guy from Georgia who had just sold his cyber company and didn’t know what to do with himself. I suggested he contact Mr. Trump and apply for a job plus gave him some info on how to accomplish that endeavor.

The concert was great. I think Trump selected the performers based upon the words and meanings of the songs they sang. I liked them all but my favorites were the military bands. And when they sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic with all the fireworks exploding it was almost too much. “Evil Spirits will find it hard to stand in the face of this volley,” I bellowed to my wife above the din.

Attending the concert prevented me from attending some other events scheduled concurrently. That was too bad but Trump Trumps if you know what I mean plus his welcome concert was one for the ages.

Susan and I had a burger on the way back to the hotel and then ducked in the hotel bar for a nightcap.

I would tell you more but Friday is a big day. I am not as young as I used to be and need my rest. More tomorrow.’

— Mobley is the Thiensville Village president and was an early Trump supporter in the presidential race. He is attending inaugural festivities this week and is writing about the experience for

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