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On March 21, the Lincoln County Board voted 18-4 in favor of a resolution supporting a nonpartisan process for drawing fair legislative maps.

“Lincoln County Democrats and Republicans stood together and said our system for drawing these lines is fundamentally flawed and needs to be changed,” said Hans Breitenmoser, a WFU member and one of the Lincoln County Board members who took the lead on the resolution. “Now we want board members in other counties to pass similar resolutions to demonstrate to our legislators that this is an important issue and people care about it.”

The resolution notes that “a panel of federal district court judges has ruled that the redistricting that was done in Wisconsin in 2011 was unconstitutional.” And it states: “Redistricting to achieve partisan gains is improper, whether it is done by Republicans or Democrats.”

The resolution goes on to say that “the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors insists upon the creation of a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and Congressional redistricting plans.”

“I salute the Lincoln County Board for passing this thoughtful resolution,” said Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden.  “Wisconsin Farmers Union members have identified Nonpartisan Redistricting as a top priority through our grassroots policy process, and we stand ready to work with elected officials from either party who are ready to champion a fair electoral process through nonpartisan redistricting.”

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