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MADISON – Today, as the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention kicks off, Republicans should be cautious to welcome first-time attendees Nicole Schneider and Kevin Nicholson.

Kevin and Nicole haven’t always stood with Republican values. In fact, Kevin Nicholson spoke at the Democratic National Convention as Chair of the College Democrats of America. Kevin also has praised Democrats like Hillary ClintonAl Gore and supported a woman’s right to choose, preserving our environment and other Democratic values.

Kevin has a long history of praising Democrats and their beliefs, just like Nicole! From her support for Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin and the Affordable Care Act success, Nicole has stood with Democrats and Democratic values throughout the Obama Administration.

“As the Republican Party of Wisconsin welcomes Kevin Nicholson and Nicole Schneider to their first convention this weekend, GOP members should be asking some serious questions,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Brandon Weathersby. “Are Kevin and Nicole ready to cheer for President Trump and Speaker Ryan’s health care plan that covers fewer people but costs more? Are they ready to support huge healthcare cost increases for with pre-existing conditions? What about Donald Trump’s tax plan that would give huge tax breaks for the wealthy while forgetting about the middle class?”

Welcome to your first Republican Party of Wisconsin convention, Kevin and Nicole!

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