MILWAUKEE — Tammy Baldwin scored a decisive victory during the first U.S. Senate debate tonight by highlighting her record of putting Wisconsin first and holding Leah Vukmir accountable for her history of selling out Wisconsin to her special interest backers.

“Tammy Baldwin and the people of Wisconsin were the clear winners in this debate as Leah Vukmir failed to defend her 16-year record of putting powerful insurance companies and special interests ahead of Wisconsinites. Tonight’s debate showed the clear choice Wisconsin voters have this election: Tammy Baldwin stands up for Wisconsin and Leah Vukmir sells out our state.” – Scott Spector, Tammy Baldwin for Senate Campaign Manager.


  • Tammy Baldwin called out Leah Vukmir for running on health care repeal and gutting pre-existing condition protections.
  • Tammy Baldwin held Leah Vukmir accountable for her votes against requiring insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy.
  • Tammy Baldwin wants to give middle class Wisconsin families a tax cut, but Leah Vukmir embraces a tax law that rewards those at the top — and puts Wisconsinites’ health care and retirement at risk.
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