July 31, 2018 – Outagamie County Sheriff Candidate, Alex Bebris, released his 12-point plan for making changes to the delivery of health care services in the jail at an event held at the Appleton Public Library on Monday, July 30th. Bebris’ 12-point reform plan includes recommendations the were made by Dr. Johnny Wu, contracted earlier this year by the county to conduct an audit on the jail medication process and related medical care issues. The report prepared by Dr. Wu was presented to the public at the July 10th Public Safety Committee meeting and documented deficiencies in the current jail heath care system. These inadequacies in care included inmates not getting required medications, documentation shortcomings, and protocols in place by the jail’s contracted heath care provider, Correct Care Solutions, that are not up to national standards and norms.

“When I first read that report it was very troubling to me.” said Bebris. “The sheriff has a legal and moral obligation to make sure that the inmates in their custody are getting the treatment they need.”

During the event Monday, Bebris explained the process that went into crafting the plan. “In addition to taking some of the recommendations made by Dr. Wu, I listened to many of the citizens who got up to publicly speak about their own negative interactions with the system as well as incorporated my own knowledge and experience from previously running a county jail and serving on a state jail advisory board.” All of these components came together to form the 12-point document. “If my plan is implemented,” said Bebris, “the jail will operate under national accreditation standards and be a safer place for both inmates and staff while providing necessary care.”

Another aspect Bebris was troubled with was the cost of the services that Correct Care Solutions is providing. “In 2018, the county will spend $953,000 on jail heath care. That’s about 10% of the jail budget. With a system in place that is not working properly and has these deficiencies, are we getting value for our dollar? I don’t think so. We need to hold contracted vendors to a standard higher than this.”

Bebris’ 12-point plan is available to the public on his website, and anyone interested in talking with him about the plan is invited to his meet-and-greet events scheduled over the next two weeks around the county.

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