1st CD Dem Randy Bryce is going after primary opponent Cathy Myers in a new digital ad.

The 15-second ad, which Myers’ campaign drew attention to in a news release this afternoon, opens with an image of the longtime teacher and the words, attributed to a Janesville Gazette article: “It is sad to see a Democrat attacking a Democrat. Shame on Cathy Myers.”

The spot then shows side-by-side images of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Dem presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, with words on the screen saying Myers attacked the trio.

“It doesn’t seem likely Myers will win regardless of her tactics,” the quote from Vice in the next shot says, next to a picture of her.

The ad closes with a shot of outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan and the words: “Shouldn’t Democrats focus on replacing Paul Ryan? Vote Tuesday.”

A Bryce campaign spokesman confirmed the campaign produced the ad, but didn’t confirm it’s currently running online. Still, a log of the digital ads currently running on Facebook that were paid for by the Bryce campaign show the video started running today and less than $100 has been spent on it.

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