The conservative Congressional Leadership Fund released a new ad in the 1st CD slamming Dem candidate Randy Bryce for being a “deadbeat dad.”

The 30-second spot opens with a vintage photo of a mother and her infant child as a female narrator says, “I know what it’s like to raise two kids as a single mom, and so does my daughter.”

The screen then includes photos of a young woman with a small child before the video transitions to a shot of the narrator, identified as Nancy Douglass of Silver Lake, who looks directly at the camera as she says that it’s a “struggle” to get the father of her daughter’s child to pay child support.

“Randy Bryce did the same thing to his own family,” the narrator says as the screen flashes to mug shots of Bryce with text that reads,” delinquent on paying his child support for nearly two years.”

“Putting the mother of his child in that position, it’s inexcusable,” the narrator says.

“Randy Bryce is a deadbeat, he’s not fit to serve in Congress.”

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