CONTACT: Evan Lukaske | (516) 661-1025

After Washington Republicans gave massive handouts to the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the middle-class (while speeding up the insolvency of the Medicare Trust Fund), Representative Grothman voted last night to slash Medicare and CHIP funding.

Dismantling extremely popular programs including Medicare and Social Security has long been the goal of House Republicans, and it will continue to play a central role in the midterms.

“Representative Grothman’s heartless vote to slash funding from Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program will absolutely come back to haunt him in the midterms,” said DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske. “While Democrats are talking to voters every day about protecting and expanding access to affordable healthcare, Grothman is continually working to make healthcare more expensive for Americans. The choice for voters could not be clearer.”

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