State Superintendent Tony Evers thanked his Dem guv opponents for largely running positive campaigns and quickly got to slamming Gov. Scott Walker as he addressed supporters following his primary victory.

“I’ve watched as Scott Walker has made decision after decision that benefits himself and his wealthy donors, and not what benefits us, the people of Wisconsin,” Evers said at the Best Western Premier Park Hotel in downtown Madison. “Walker has been here for eight years and the problems aren’t going away.”

He then turned to his priorities as governor, pledging he’d “immediately” move to accept federal Medicaid dollars and work with both parties to find a transportation funding fix within his first 100 days in office. He also said he’d make a $600 million investment in special education.

He contrasted himself with Walker, arguing he won’t be a “doormat” for President Trump and added he’d be a different kind of politician.

“Unlike most politicians, I won’t make promises I can’t keep. I never have and I never will. As your next governor, I can promise I will be focused on solving problems, not picking petty political fights. Look no further than our crumbling roads and our skyrocketing health care costs,” he said.

Evers took 40.8 percent of the vote, with 70 percent of precincts reporting, per unofficial returns from the Associated Press. State firefighters union head Mahlon Mitchell finished second with 17.7 percent of the vote, and former state Rep. Kelda Roys had 13.8 percent.

Mitchell, speaking to supporters at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, called on the crowd to “keep our eyes on the prize” of beating Walker come November.

“We did good work, we got people engaged, we got people informed, we got people included and without the people behind me, we could not have done that,” he said. “But the truth remains that we all have one common enemy and that is the division that Scott Walker has created in our state.”

Roys also zeroed in on Walker, saying she and her backers ran a “positive, forward-looking campaign” instead of focusing on the ways “the current governor has made Wisconsin worse.”

“And we will make Wisconsin better when Tony Evers is our governor,” she said at her primary night party at Jardin in Madison.

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