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January 10, 2018
Contact: Bryan Kennedy – (414) 517-3864

Scott Walker Wastes Wisconsin Tax Dollars in Giveaways to Corporations

Matt Flynn outlines a better approach to private-sector investments

(Milwaukee) — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today attacked Governor Scott Walker for his giveaways to corporations at taxpayer expense.

“When he first ran in 2010, Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs in his first term. It’s nearly two terms later and we are still waiting,” said Flynn. “What he did instead was spend our tax dollars on corporate giveaways under the pretense of creating jobs. He cut taxes for the very rich, made non-transparent investments with our tax dollars, provided billions in subsidies to foreign and out-of-state corporations with no job requirements, and created the corrupt Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which is essentially a slush fund for his donors.”

“When we look at the results, we find a terrible return on investment for the taxpayers,” Flynn continued. “Taxpayers are spending at least $231,000 for each new job at Foxconn, and perhaps as much as $1.3 million per job. The rosiest forecast is it will take more than 25 years for the state to break even on the deal. I don’t believe we will ever break even on this deal.”

Flynn also noted how Walker sides with the demands of big business over workers, the environment, and public health concerns. He has driven down wages for the many while enriching the few.

“Walker only represents his donors and out-of-state corporations,” said Flynn. “His job for them is to vacuum cash out of our public assets and into their pockets.”

Flynn outlined his own standards for working with the private sector:

  • Our goal should be increasing personal income for every Wisconsinite.
  • State investment opportunities should be ranked by their potential impact on increasing income and good jobs.
  • State investments should be transparent, measurable, and in line with our economic strategies, as should the cost-benefit analyses of our investments.
  • Wisconsin’s government should not arbitrarily pick winners and losers but rather invest according to strategic priorities. The state should not selectively exempt some corporations from our laws.

“Leading growth states have demonstrated that it is better to support public assets such as education, infrastructure, and clean water than to give money to wealthy individuals and corporations with the hope it will trickle down,” said Flynn. “Most Wisconsinites understand this. It’s time to elect a governor who understands it, too.”

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