Press Release: For Immediate Use
Date: July 30, 2018
Subject: Leah Vukmir Endorsement

I have worked with Senator Vukmir both in the Wisconsin Assembly and the Senate. She has stood up for conservative principles for the entire time I have known her. She didn’t get the reputation for being an “iron lady” for sitting on her hands like the current occupant of the US Senate seat has. Senator Vukmir will stand up for what is right even if her position goes against leaderships wishes. We should all be proud to have her representing us in the US Senate as much as we did when she represented us in the Wisconsin Senate.

The battle in the primary has been long but enlightening. Although Senator Vukmir’s
competition has demonstrated a good current knowledge of the national issues, he has
exposed himself as being indecisive early on with tough issues like abortion. He has repeatedly declined to speak to me privately after personally promising to do so when I was only trying to help a fellow comrade in arms. I can’t trust someone who has no voting record, no record of supporting his new party or a record of accomplishments outside of the military.

I will gladly cast my vote for Leah Vukmir on August 14 because she will be well positioned to defeat the current incumbent who has proven to be ineffective, a super partisan, and certainly unrepresentative of Wisconsin values.

Don Pridemore

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