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For years we have heard that Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility, but recent actions in both Wisconsin and America at large shows this to be a farce.

At the federal level, President Trump’s tax cuts for the ultra-rich are exploding the national deficit. The Office of Management and Budget has revised forecasts that now say the tax cuts will explode the deficit by almost $1 trillion in the next decade. All the while, the Administration is fighting to cripple the Affordable Care Act, loosen environmental protections, and weaken worker’s rights.

Here at home in Wisconsin, fiscal mismanagement is rampant as well. Much has been made of the $4.5 billion Foxconn money sink, but it does not end there. The majority party has also passed legislation to give handouts to other companies in Wisconsin, such as Fiserv – who, after receiving millions of taxpayer dollars, turned around and spent millions on naming rights for the new Milwaukee Bucks arena.

Governor Walker has also shown a streak of fiscal irresponsibility. A recent Associated Press report said that, since the end of his failed presidential bid in September 2015, Governor Walker has used a state airplane to make 869 flights, including 11 that were less than 64 miles. He could have driven and saved Wisconsin taxpayer money. Instead, his flights have cost us almost $1 million.

With all that waste, Governor Walker has not lived up to his promise on Wisconsin’s economy. Job growth lags behind most of the country, with Wisconsin ranked 34th since 2011. In the 92 months since he became Governor, Wisconsin still has not added the 250,000 jobs he promised to create in his first 48 months.

At home and in Washington, the majority party is increasingly out of touch with everyday Americans. Talking with constituents, it is clear that they would much rather have affordable healthcare and smooth roads than another round of tax cuts for the wealthy. They prefer clean water and clean air over more corporate handouts.

Unfettered control of government and being beholden to deep-pocketed interest has exacerbated the out of touch nature of the majority party. It highlights the urgency we face in November. The future of our state and country will be profoundly affected in 8 short weeks, and I hope and pray that the enthusiasm we have seen on our side in the last year and a half continues into the coming months so that we can begin to rectify the unpopular, backwards actions our state legislature and our Congress has taken.

— Hebl, D-Sun Prairie, represents the 46th Assembly District.

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