Republican 6th CD incumbent Glenn Grothman’s second TV ad of his campaign focuses on health care.

The 30-second spot begins with Grothman standing up and directly facing the camera, claiming he “won’t’ take a dime from pharmaceutical companies.

Grothman then claims Americans consume 80 percent of the world’s painkillers despite making up a fraction of the world’s population.

The shot then pivots to show Grothman talking to a woman behind a desk as the Glenbeulah Republican touts legislation he introduced that would restrict the amount of pills per prescription and creating a new anti-opioid task force.

“American medical costs are way too high, and one more grieving Wisconsin family is one too many,” Grothman says as b-roll shows him talking to a nurse and the woman behind the desk. “That’s why I fight for you rather than the drug companies.”

Grothman’s latest ad comes on the heels of one from his opponent Dan Kohl, who claims Grothman voted to “raise premiums, gut protections for pre-existing conditions” and impose a so-called age-tax on older Americans.

The Grothman campaign earlier this week pushed back against those allegations, arguing the Republican has “a proven track record” of protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

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