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Madison, WI –  Sarah Godlewski, Democratic candidate for State Treasurer, won the August 14th primary election with 44% of the vote statewide, with 52% precincts reporting, and will be advancing to the general election.

Godlewski ran on a platform of bringing new, thoughtful leadership to the State Treasurer’s office and voters sent a clear message. Wisconsin is ready for a State Treasurer with a bold vision — to be your fiscal watchdog, to invest wisely in Wisconsin’s future, and to serve as your financial advocate. Godlewski is ready to work with Tony Evers and the whole Democratic ticket as they head into the general election.

“The voters made it clear back in April they wanted a State Treasurer, and we have an obligation to make this office Wisconsin’s fiscal watchdog — reinstating critical checks and balances in our government. I’ll use my business experience to be our state’s financial advocate and invest in the people of Wisconsin. It’s time for this Office to serve all Wisconsinites, and I look forward to traveling the state to share our vision,” Godlewski said.

In her campaign for Wisconsin State Treasurer, Godlewski has pledged to:

  • Be the state’s fiscal watchdog — Our State Treasurer has the ability to examine financial transactions and, as the state’s chief banker, the Treasurer should always be working on behalf of taxpayers to review the state’s spending. Godlewski will publish a Taxpayer’s Annual Report outlining how tax dollars are spent and is committed to providing accountability and transparency through the Treasurer’s Office to ensure oversight of state spending.
  • Invest in Wisconsin’s future — The State Treasurer serves as the financial trustee to four trust funds with combined assets exceeding $1.2 billion. As trustee, the Treasurer has the authority to determine the types of investments made by the funds. Godlewski believes the State Treasurer must support smart investments that are prudently managed and provide a healthy return, so we can continue to fund our schools and communities. She has an extensive background in socially responsible investing, providing her with the experience to identify win-win investment strategies that deliver healthy returns while improving the lives of Wisconsinites.
  • Serve as the financial advocate — Seniors, veterans, and vulnerable communities across our state have been taken advantage of for too long. Godlewski believes the Treasurer’s office should partner with organizations working with seniors to implement fraud prevention and response programs. She will strongly advocate for economic empowerment for all Wisconsinites. The Treasurer’s Office must also be a consumer advocate, taking action against large banks and institutions that abuse their power to take advantage of customers and taxpayers. Godlewski has the experience and qualifications to stand up to them and advocate for us.
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