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Eau Claire — Earlier today, Sarah Godlewski along with students and families held a press conference at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to discuss their stories about how they are affected by the ongoing student loan debt crisis that affects nearly one million Wisconsinites, with an average debt of over $30,000.

Godlewski unveiled her innovative plan to use part of the $1.2 billion in trust funds overseen by the Treasurer’s office to refinance Wisconsinite’s student loans at lower rates, saving graduates thousands in interest and improving returns to the fund.

“Wisconsin has an opportunity to lead the country by offering a one-of-kind refinancing program,” said Godlewski. “It’s long overdue that Wisconsin had a State Treasurer that will offer innovative and financially sustainable solutions to our state.”

Kate Beaton, who graduated from UWEC and is a current Eau Claire City Councilmember joined Sarah Godlewski to speak about this issue. Kate said, “While my student loan is comparable to my mortgage in cost, I cannot refinance it at a lower interest rate like I can with my mortgage.”

A fifth-generation Wisconsinite, Sarah Godlewski is running for Treasurer on a platform on transparency, financial accountability, and problem-solving. Previously, she served as a financial consultant, working with public and private-sector organizations to increase efficiency and save taxpayers millions.

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