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Gorski campaign: Clean water group opposing factory farm gives Gorski its nod in assembly run in central Wisconsin
Wisconsin Rapids — David Gorski, Democratic Party nominee for the 72nd State Assembly, has received the endorsement of Saratoga Concerned, the leading clean water advocacy in central Wisconsin.
Saratoga Concerned is leading the fight against a proposed factory farm sited in Saratoga.
“Our area lakes and streams are in a state of decline and our control over our own environment is being taken away,” reads the citizen group’s endorsement in part. “After thoughtful conversation and reviewing answers provided by both candidates, Saratoga Concerned believes Candidate David Gorski will be the stronger water protector and support his candidacy for the 72nd Assembly District.” [emphasis in original newsletter below]
This is the second consecutive run for the office by David Gorski who was the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2016.
The six-year fight against the Wysocki corporation’s proposed factory farm in political terms is roughly equivalent to the field operations of three state assembly campaigns.
Saratoga Concerned is composed of my neighbors in Saratoga, Rome and surrounding communities. This group means collectively 10,000s of hours, years of commitment, intellect, labor and thankless, sometimes heart-breaking work to our protect our water and our homes,” said Gorski. “To receive this endorsement is one of the great accomplishments of my life. If elected, the 1,000s of people involved with Saratoga Concerned will guide my work, advocacy and fight for the health of the 72nd assembly district.
Continued Gorski: “I oppose the proposed Wysocki factory farm. I support a moratorium on factory farms. I support local democracy and a government of the people, not campaign donors.
Gorski is a Democrat and member of the Democratic Progressive Caucus.
David Gorski is a retired counselor and drug-and-alcohol prevention specialist for the Nekoosa School System, living in the town Grand Rapids.
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