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Andy Gronik asks Elections Commission to dismiss state GOP claims as frivolous and impose a penalty for making unsupported claims

MILWAUKEE– “I am a fighter,” Gronik said in an interview following Scott Walker’s latest attempt to silence Milwaukee’s African American community and push Gronik out of the race.  “This isn’t the first time Walker attacked me and it won’t be the last. But it’s pathetic and desperate that he’d do so by attacking people he knows have gone onto successful lives after being incarcerated. And, he’s doing it to try to silence 1,770 voices from the most segregated city and most incarcerated zip code in the country. It’s just pathetic!”

Yesterday, Gronik for Wisconsin submitted its strongly worded response to the offensive and blatantly racist challenge to its nomination signatures filed by the Scott Walker election machine last Monday. Not only did Gronik’s campaign call for the Election Commission to dismiss the state GOP’s claims, but Gronik asked the Elections Commission to fine the state GOP for making its unsupported claims. “Listen, all Gov. Walker had to do was check voting records and read the Election Commission’s guidance on these matters to know his claims were bogus. He’s the governor for gosh sakes – this information is at his fingertips and everyone else’s, too. But instead, he attacks our state’s most vulnerable residents, seeking to silence Black voices in Milwaukee from the electoral process.”

Read Gronik’s response to the Election Commission by clicking here.

The desperate move by Walker’s henchman is an obvious signal that in a field of establishment Democrats it’s the outsider and progressive entrepreneur, Andy Gronik, that Walker fears the most. So, reflexively, Walker goes to page one in his “How to beat an establishment candidate” playbook thinking that will also work on Gronik, too. Sorry, Scott Walker, not a chance. Gronik is not a politician. He is here to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Gronik is going to stand up for everyone in our state, including people with past felony convictions, and he won’t allow Walker, or anyone else, to silence the voices of black and brown people in Milwaukee for a single moment. Gronik made this emphatically clear during his press conference on Wednesday.

Watch Andy Gronik’s full press conference remarks by clicking here.

“Torre Johnson and Patricia Lacy paid their debts to society — they served their time, are off parole, and are trying to participate in our democracy. It’s shameful that Scott Walker is attacking them, and trying to silence the voices of these citizens and thousands of others. I’m not going to sit by and do nothing while Governor Walker attacks Milwaukee. I can’t wait to have Walker on that debate stage in the fall. So here’s my message to Walker — Buckle up because your time is up as our Governor. You know it and I know it.”

The Elections Commission rules on the state GOP’s unsubstantiated claims following a hearing on Monday at 10 AM, in the Joint Committee Finance Hearing Room 412 East, Wisconsin State Capitol.  

“Get ready to see what’s possible when a candidate for governor stands up for all the people he hopes to represent. That’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be,” Gronik said.

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