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Grover campaign: Announces digital ad – “Grover for Assembly”

Galesville, WI – Democratic nominee for the 92nd Assembly District, Rob Grover, announced his campaign has launched a digital ad highlighting his unique experiences that have shaped his understanding of the issues facing the people of the district.

The ad, titled “Grover for Assembly,” can be viewed here.

The ad’s transcript is below:

Rob Grover: “I feel like in Madison right now, really well-connected people are very well represented. If we set our government policies in a way that really focuses on average folks, I think we could have an economy that works for everyone. My name’s Rob Grover and I’m running for the 92nd Assembly seat. My great-great grandfather came to Trempealeau County and started a farm there and my family’s lived there ever since. So, I’m actually the 5th generation, 166 years later, to live on that land.

“We were an apple orchard for generations, and then, in 2017, I actually opened up a business, called Winghaven Pizza Farm on my family’s farm. It’s been the most satisfying and also the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve always had kind of an entrepreneurial spirit. There is a real emerging agritourism industry going on in western Wisconsin especially in my area. It made me think that I had a perspective that was really unique that I could take down to Madison, take down to the legislature. I started to think about wanting to run for office. What could I do to use my experiences, opening a business, to make Wisconsin a better place for rural entrepreneurs?

“Before I opened up Winghaven I was a corrections officer with the Trempealeau County Sherriff’s Department. It opened up my eyes to so many issues that we’re facing in rural Wisconsin. We’ve seen such an explosion of drugs in our rural communities and it’s a real tragedy. I was in charge of programming in the jail and I’d have addicts say, ‘Rob, I want help,’ and we didn’t have help to give them.

“We tend to think that problems like drugs are someone else’s problems, that it’s those people. It’s really affecting families and destroying people’s lives and it’s something I’m really passionate about. If I get down to Madison, I really want to fight to bring more resources to rural Wisconsin, and mental health programs. My name’s Rob Grover and I’m running to represent the 92nd Assembly seat in Wisconsin.”

Grover’s ad will appear on digital and social media platforms.

Rob Grover is the Democratic nominee for the 92nd Assembly District. Rob is a rural entrepreneur, and former corrections officer for the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department. As a small businessowner, Rob is committed to encouraging rural economic development, investing in local infrastructure, fully funding public schools, providing access to affordable healthcare, and increasing funding for addiction treatment and mental health programs.

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