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Last week, the Republican controlled State Legislature convened in a lame-duck session to throw its final temper tantrum of 2018. Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) evidently did not like the fact that the voters of the state elected Democrats Tony Evers Governor and Josh Kaul Attorney General. In self-serving fashion, they moved to restrict the power of the incoming Governor and Attorney General.

Throughout our lives, there are times when we have to deal with sore losers. Rather than taking some time to evaluate the reasons they lost the election, Wisconsin Republican’s swiftly moved to protect and expand their own political power. They did not even bother to defend their hyper-partisan actions. Instead, they sat silently throughout the night while voting to increase their own power at the expenses of the majority of people who elected Tony Evers and Josh Kaul.

For their efforts, national headlines were generated. Americans nationwide now see Wisconsin Republicans as “crooked”, “power grabbing”, “self-serving” and “sore losers”. The type of politicians who are willing to ignore the will of the voters. Wisconsin Republicans showed the nation their true colors by dishonoring their positions as representatives of the people all in the name of stripping powers from two people who were elected by a majority of the state.

The partisan make-up of the Wisconsin legislature has gone back and forth over the years. It is safe to say that it will not be under Republican control forever. Many people throughout the state see the actions to curb the power of the incoming Governor and Attorney General as a crooked power grab by self-serving sore losers.

Governor Elect Evers and Attorney General Elect Kaul won their elections fair and square. They deserve the opportunity to do the job the people of Wisconsin elected them to do.

–Ringhand, D-Evansville, represents the 15th Senate District.

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