Joan Ballweg: Five for Families: Keeping Wisconsin families strong

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As a member of the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board, I am excited about the launch of the Five for Families campaign to spread awareness about the five essential strengths to keep families strong. These strengths can help parents feel less stressed, more confident and better connected to their children.

The Five Strengths are:

• Helping Kids Understand Feelings
• Parenting as Children Grow
• Connecting with Others
• Building Inner Strength
• Knowing How to Find Help

The Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board launched a website,, where parents can access information and ideas to build upon their family strengths. This website offers video testimonials with Wisconsin parents and grandparents, interactive exercises that offer ideas on how to build family strength and highlights the extended role family, friends, neighbors and the community play in building strength.

Parents, caregivers and professionals were key partners in developing Five for Families. I want to thank everyone who had a role in developing this campaign. Evidence shows that when these strengths are present, it helps support healthy child development and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect.

The vision of the Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board is for every child in Wisconsin to grow up in a safe, stable and nurturing environment. For over thirty years, the Board has advocated for policy changes needed for state programs, statutes, policies and budgets to strengthen families, reduce child abuse and neglect and improve coordination among state agencies providing prevention services.

–Ballweg, R-Markesan, represents the 41st Assembly District.