Contact: Brad Wojciechowski
920.540.5875, [email protected]

Green Bay — Beau Liegeois, candidate for Congress, WI-08 provides the following statement regarding the Trump Administration Urging a Federal Judge to throw out law’s preexisting conditions protections

Mike Gallagher continues to be silent on the major issues affecting the people and communities across Northeast Wisconsin. Earlier today, the Trump Administration urged a federal judge in Texas to throw out protections for people with preexisting conditions. Mike Gallagher and Republicans in all levels of government are trying to take away our hard-won civil rights by allowing health insurance companies to discriminate against Northeast Wisconsin citizens like my dad who suffers from a preexisting condition.

That is not leadership. Leadership is protecting the freedoms that our founding fathers fought for by working with other members of Congress. We need to fix our healthcare system so more people are insured, not fewer. I will go to Washington to protect our freedoms from the special interest groups that have taken hold of this Congress and give them back to the people of Northeast Wisconsin and across America.

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