Contact: Garren Randolph,

MILWAUKEE COUNTY – Today, Earnell Lucas, Democratic candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff, released the following statement:

“A scurrilous attack was made by my opponent, right-wing acting sheriff Richard Schmidt, questioning my qualifications to become the next Milwaukee County Sheriff. Specifically, my opponent alleged that I would not be a certified law enforcement officer upon taking the Office of Sheriff. Apparently, my opponent doesn’t understand the qualifications for the office he is seeking.

“Sheriffs elected in Wisconsin are not required to be certified by the State of Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board. Upon taking office, I will attain recertification. Then, I will meet the annual recertification requirements set for all law enforcement officers. I have 25 years of law enforcement experience, 16 years as a Major League Baseball security executive and am the holder of a security clearance from the Department of Homeland Security. My experiences and qualifications far exceed those of my opponent.

“Milwaukee County needs a new sheriff who will effectively lead the organization and be accountable to the people of Milwaukee County and not one who runs from his past failures in management and leadership. This foolish attack by my opponent is an egregious attempt to misrepresent the facts.”

The Democratic primary election will be held Tuesday, August 14. Early voting in Milwaukee County begins on Monday, July 30. For further information on voting, visit For further information about Earnell Lucas, visit

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