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After ignoring her candidacy for over a year, Bryce’s campaign promotes false attack

Janesville, WI – For months, headline after headline has revealed the checkered past of WI-01 Congressional candidate Randy Bryce, and the most recent public polling shows the race as tight as it could be.

After reports of his nine arrests surfaced, Bryce admitted to Fox 6 Milwaukee, “I don’t have anything other than an apology.” Bryce has never explained why he chose to contribute over $8,000 to his previous campaign rather than making his court-ordered child support payments, nor why he waited until he launched his congressional campaign to clear up a decade-old court judgment against him.

In his campaign’s new 15-second digital ad, Bryce does not attempt to answer for his criminal record, instead he accuses his primary opponent Cathy Myers of running a negative campaign and dismissively claims that she cannot win the primary.

“Women running for office across the country have all the momentum right now, and those running against us are getting very nervous,” said Cathy Myers in response to the ad. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that Randy is attacking me.”

The Myers campaign recently released an ad of its own, “We Can’t Afford to Lose,” which lays out Myers’ case for why she is the better candidate to take on the likely Republican nominee, Bryan Steil, in November.

“Democrats have an important choice before them on Tuesday, and as I have from the very beginning, I maintain I am the stronger candidate to take on the Republicans in November. Voters have a right to all of the facts, and I’ll let those facts speak for themselves,” Myers said.

Cathy Myers is a single mom and 24-year veteran public high school teacher who is currently serving in her second term on the Janesville School Board. She has raised over $1.3 million from individual contributions averaging just $23.

Learn more about Cathy’s campaign on her websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

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