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Senator Baldwin wants to gloss over how she’s made health care in Wisconsin dramatically more expensive after she cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Wisconsin health care premiums have increased by an average of 93% since Obamacare was passed.

Even more alarming: Senator Baldwin supports a gargantuan $32 trillion government takeover of the health care system that would force every American off their health insurance and would cost so much, that even doubling federal taxes wouldn’t be enough to pay for it.


According To The Department Of Health And Human Services, Wisconsin’s Individual Market Premiums Have Increased By An Average Of $248, Or 93 Percent, From $266 In 2013 To $514 In 2017. (“Individual Market Premium Changes: 2013 – 2017,” Department Of Health And Human Services, 5/23/17)

STUDY: Even Doubling Taxes Wouldn’t Pay for “Medicare for All.” (Even Doubling Taxes Wouldn’t Pay for ‘Medicare for All,” Wall Street Journal, 8/1/18)

The Urban Institute Estimated That Sanders’ Health Care Plan Would Cost The Federal Government $32 Trillion. “The new estimate of the cost of Sanders’s health-care plan is even more pessimistic than a previous estimate produced by Kenneth Thorpe, a former health official in the Clinton administration. Sanders’s staff criticized Thorpe for predicting their plan would cost $25 trillion over a decade, about twice what they had projected. The Urban Institute puts the cost to the federal government at $32 trillion. That is $17 trillion more than Sanders has proposed in new taxes. When his other programs besides health care are included, the shortfall is more than $18 trillion, money the government would have to borrow.” (Max Ehrenfreund, “Sorry, Bernie Fans. His Health Care Plan Is Short $17,000,000,000,000.,” The Washington Post, 5/9/16)

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