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Why won’t Tammy Baldwin just admit she cares more about appeasing the Washington liberal circus than she did about giving Judge Kavanaugh the fair shake he deserved?

On stage tonight, Senator Baldwin is grasping at straws to explain away her no vote but the truth is, her liberal party bosses made up Senator Baldwin’s mind for her on Day One.

That’s why Senator Baldwin refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh and announced her opposition just 48 hours after he was announced.

That’s why Senator Baldwin planned a fundraiser with the lawyers for Kavanaugh’s accuser, and had to cancel it after mass outrage.

And that’s why Senator Baldwin didn’t speak up as she and her Democratic colleagues smeared Judge Kavanaugh to stall his nomination, no matter the cost.

Tammy Baldwin was just doing her liberal party bosses bidding, just like she’s always done.


FOX NEWS: Dem Sen. Baldwin announces, then cancels fundraiser with Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyers. “Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s campaign on Thursday invited supporters to a fundraiser next month with the two attorneys representing Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, according to an invitation obtained by Fox News — only to abruptly cancel those plans after they became public.” (“Dem Sen. Baldwin announces, then cancels fundraiser with Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyers,” Fox News, 9/20/18)

Baldwin Announced She Planned To Vote “NO” On Brett Kavanaugh 2 Days After Being Nominated And Before Meeting With Him. “Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said she’ll oppose President Donald Trump’s pick to the court, igniting a storm of criticism from her Republican rivals. Baldwin’s opposition was expected, as she raised concerns about the court overturning abortion rights and the Affordable Care Act. But the timing was swift, coming just days after Trump nominated Kavanaugh for the seat to be vacated by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.” (“Tammy Baldwin to oppose U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 7/12/18)

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