The Democratic Governors Association, via a group called A Stronger Wisconsin, is launching a new TV ad touting Tony Evers’ career in education.

The 30-second ad opens with footage of Gov. Scott Walker as the narrator says: “You know who they are, the politicians who only care about politics.”

The spot then switches to a series of images of a younger Evers, as the narrator says, “But then there’s this teacher.”

The narrator outlines Evers’ career as a teacher in Baraboo, a principal in Tomah and then state superintendent.

“His life’s mission is to make their lives better,” the narrator said as the camera panned to video of Evers laughing with a child. “So you can forget the lobbyists and the politicians, they’ll never change. But Tony Evers won’t play their game.”

The narrator closes the spot by saying Evers will prioritize making the state’s roads, health care and schools “work for you and families like yours.”

The ad is part of a $1.8 million statewide buy, according to the DGA.

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