(Delafield)— The Kevin Nicholson campaign for Senate announced today that it raised $800,000 in the final quarter of 2017, doubling his nearest opponent’s fundraising haul and distinguishing his campaign as the leading Republican in the race to defeat Tammy Baldwin.

Nicholson will report raising just over $1.2 million since his campaign launch in late July and will report over $500,000 cash on hand. Both Nicholson’s quarterly totals and his overall fundraising totals are double that of his primary opponent’s fundraising.

“Liberal elites are worried, and the ruling political class is worried, too. People all over this state want to send in conservative reinforcements to the U.S. Senate to fix this mess in Washington,” Nicholson said. “I’m honored and humbled that Wisconsinites are placing their trust in me and joining our team in such high numbers.”

Showing real grassroots momentum, despite being a political newcomer, the Nicholson for Senate campaign has received donations from over 4,400 people in Wisconsin — representing all 72 counties — since the campaign’s launch. The average donation from Wisconsin is around $70.

Recent polling released by the campaign showed Nicholson leading the race in the primary as well as holding the advantage in both name ID and positive image rating. This poll comes on the heels of Nicholson’s campaign announcing the endorsement of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Ambassador John Bolton along with many other leading conservative groups.

Publicly disclosed spending from independent outside groups in support of Kevin Nicholson also has created a huge spending disparity. Outside spending is nearing the $3 million mark and will eclipse that number as John Bolton’s Super PAC announced it has reserved a $1 million statewide television ad buy starting in the Green Bay media market. Other groups have spent in Wisconsin as well with Senator Tammy Baldwin receiving approximately $1.4 million in outside spending on her behalf.

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