Randy Bryce has defeated Cathy Myers in the Democratic primary race in the 1st CD, the Associated Press has projected. 

Bryce, a Calendonia ironworker, was leading the field with 51 percent of the vote to Myers’ 43 percent with 51 percent of precincts reporting.

Bryce in a statement called the win “a victory for all working families in southeast Wisconsin” and took shots at the Republican Party and UW regent Bryan Steil, who won the GOP 1st CD primary.

“Lyin’ Bryan pretends to care about working people, but his support of tax cuts for the wealthy — paid for by cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — proves he has no idea what people in this district need,” Bryce said. “I do understand–I know what it’s like to fall on hard times.”

But Steil in an interview with WisPolitics.com countered that his positions on health care and lowering taxes would show voters a clear contrast between the two.

The contrast, he said, would also feature a difference between Steil’s “Wisconsin-style solutions and the Washington-style politics of the left.” While he acknowledged the fundraising edge Bryce has, Steil added the “out-of-state money from the left in this race is going to be combatted by my grassroots-style campaign.”

“I’m confident we’re going to be able to build on this momentum,” he said.

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