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January 10, 2018                                                       Rep. Chris Taylor, 608-266-5342

Governor Walker’s Love/Hate Relationship with Madison

MADISON – Today, Governor Scott Walker attacked Madison on Twitter labeling it as a place “where businesses have left and murders have gone up.” At the same time, the Walker Administration is touting Madison for being ranked as the best place to live and highlighting the city’s “opportunities to enrich the world and our own lives” in WEDC’s $1 million ad campaign encouraging Chicago millennials to move to Wisconsin.

“We’re spending $1 million on ads telling Chicago residents what a great place Madison is to live, while at the same time, Governor Walker is taking to Twitter to attack it,” said Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison). “The Governor can’t have it both ways. The fact of the matter is, Madison and Dane County are economic drivers for our state. You would think that a Governor who has failed to jumpstart Wisconsin’s economy or raise stagnate wages would be bragging about the thriving Dane County region. Why such hostility towards a proven economic driver of our state’s economy?”

Between pre-recession 2007 and after-recession 2015, nearly 75 percent of the almost 45,000 jobs added to the Wisconsin economy came from Dane County. In addition, from 2010 to 2014, the number of jobs in Dane County increased by 9.7 percent — more than double the rate for the rest of Wisconsin.

“It is important to recognize that jobs follow people. People increasingly want to live where there are good schools, strong transportation infrastructure and public amenities such as attractive parks. After learning last week Wisconsin is a top 10 state for people moving away, it’s time for the Governor to stop playing election year politics, and start acting in the best interest of our state.”

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