For decades, the office of Secretary of State has been hibernating to the point it is in the basement of the Capitol.

Madison: “30 miles surrounded by reality” Gov. Lee Dreyfus

In this light, that is why I am challenging 40 year incumbent Doug Lafollette to have a series of debates throughout Wisconsin

To bring the office “to Wisconsin” I am proposing to have 4 debates. The following locations between now and 11/6/18

Eagle River, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Waukesha Wisconsin.

These are chosen to bring the office to the people and not have it holed up in Madison collecting dust.

The issues are real and the potential is great.

Where do we each stand on:

-Term limits for the office

-How to best prevent election fraud in Wisconsin

-Moving the office out of Madison

-who will be able to restore duties working with the legislature and maintain a professional relationship with the Governor’s office

I look forward to Doug’s response.

As candidates we need to meet Wisconsin, if we hope to serve it.

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